Islam chucks whammy over stupid cartoon!

It seems that Islam is once again in the limelight for chucking a major whammy over a cartoon from Denmark, or so the Aussie papers are reporting. Ongoing reports indicate that protesting, nay, rioting is happening across the world, or at least the northern hemisphere.

So far, at least one protester has been killed outright & many injured as protesters attack embassies & staff for allowing a cartoon featuring “Mohammed” to be printed.

Without pointing out the obvious thing -> The Editor of the Newspaper is responsible for approving the cartoons printing, not the embassy staff, nor the government. It is a rediculous error in judgement to endanger your own life, and that of others by protesting violently about something as rediculous as a cartoon.

Obviously the Islamic religion can’t take a joke, or perhaps it’s just fanatics using the flimsiest excuse to run amok once again. The way the papers report this though … it’s another negative strike against the Islamic Religion.

I would like to point out that the majority of the Islamic religious personage in Australia are well balanced individuals which are currently not participating in the rediculous rioting, and may it remain that way.

I’d personally like to see the police force in these countries pull out some “Non-lethal” weapons and beat seven kinds of hell through the rioting crowds, as I would suggest that the rioters are not representative of the Islamic religion, but simply agitators trying to make excuses for anti-social behaviour.

Would anyone else like to comment on this disgraceful state of affairs that is inflicting our world atm?

In my opinion the real total dumb in all this situation is the editor that approved publishing of this crap.

In a time of so high tension on islamic world there will be no necessity at all to give to all fanatics any excuse to enhance violence.

I think that this editor should be fired for excess of stupidity.

And don’t speak of “press freedom”: this is only an hypocritical excuse to justify the fact that they publish all the CRAP they want without pay any attention to truth ot to things that people should really know. Their only interest is to sell, no the “information” as they call it.

:flower: Hey: this is only my opinion. :flower:

Yes its only your opinion but I have to say you are wrong. To give in to these people, to allow them to take away what we have built up for centuries, the free press and freedom to speak your mind, is the worst thing possible.

Weather or not it was justified to publish the cartoons is by now irrelevant, what matters now is that a dialougue is started within the muslim world community about freedom of speech, our different point of views, etc.

Those who feel offended are of course entitled to raise their views, as long as it is done in a civil manner. The way its currently done, by burning our embassy, our flag (geography-class in the mideast aint very good from where I stand), and actually killing people, does way more damage to the face of islam in the western world than it does their point made.

And in the midst of all this arabic media has no qualms with publishing antisemitic propaganda, which unlike the Mohammed-caricatures, cannot even be interpreted as satire. It is unfortunate that several regimes have taken these cartoons (which are several months old) and used them to make a statement. In the case of Syria it is obvious, since Syria does not allow any public demonstrations.

There should be also a good dose of common sense. If you know that someone is really easy to upset, then why you should provoke?

I’m not against speech freedom, but against stupidity. And this editor, in my opinion, was really stupid. Too bad very often the first interest of press is not the truth, but only what can be sell. And this, in my opinion, have nothing to do with speech freedom. Actually, they use speech freedom to justify their avidity.

I am certainly against violence, and don’t justify these acts in any way. I agree with you that burning an embassy is a totally nonsense.

And I think that religion have nothing to do with all this. It’s only a bunch of fanatic that use religion as excuse to justify all this CRAP. Surely not all muslim are in this way. And I’m sure that many muslim don’t like this at all.

Sorry if I’m not able to explain better, but it’s a bit difficult to me to find the correct words in a foreign language. Sorry :frowning:

It is just plain stupid and rude to insult another person’s religion. I would say that even in my “enlightened, liberal and progressive” U.S. there are certain people that would gladly harm you if you published an obscene or offensive cartoon of Jesus. Religion has always been “hands-off” because people feel so strongly about their’s. In these times of heightened sensitivity it was downright criminally foolish to publish such an inflammatory cartoon. I say criminal because it was a willfull attempt to create a very strong reaction to sell newspapers. Comparable to inciting a riot, totally predictable. As far as freedom of speech goes, there is a matter of common sense. In the U.S., we are free to say anything, but that does not include yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded movie theater because of the possible consequences. The newspaper and cartoonist knew that there would be a strong reaction to insulting another religion’s holy prophet and they should bear the responsibility of their actions.

before this thread gets too out of hand…I think we all should just chill…

people will always have wars over politics and religion…so both should also be aware they might be the butt of a joke now and then as well…

I agree with you, but too bad who is paying for their act are other innocent people. :a

puleeeze. look at the cartoons first and then consider how many people rioted and burned embassies over piss christ how many countries put a fatwa on the man behind The Last Temptation of Christ and come on… killing Theo Van Gogh and calmly saying

“When you compare me to Osama Bin Laden, you are seriously wronging him and giving me too much honour that I do not deserve,” Bouyeri said to the Public Prosecutor (OM). “But the fact that you see me as the black standard-bearer of Islam in Europe fills me with honour, pride and happiness.”
show me any other religion that is even vaguely like this.

better yet read
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (And the Crusades)

it has the perfect compliment for the author:

May Allah rip out his spine from his back and split his brains in two, and then put them both back, and then do it over and over again

and don’t forget it is the Religion of Peace… yeah right :disagree:

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I don’t personally have any desire for insulting other people’s believes, but this is way out of hand and the consequence of people, which is very poor governed, and suppressed by dictators.

'Nuff Said

The most vocal protestors demand Denmarks prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen to intervene and “arrest those people”. They need to understand that is out of the question. A Islamatolog I listened to said the people in the streets were the common folk with little education who put much effort into their faith. I put my hopes to muslim intellectuals in the world to start a dialougue, I think the solution can only come from there.

And about bearing responsibility, we all here I am sure can agree on that one is innocent until prooven guilty. As muslims are so many they cannot be considered a minority and therefore any prosecution against JP falls flat right at the start.

In time maybe this can come to something good, a reformation of Islam, which to me is hopelessly out of date. A columnist this week called it “Islam 2.0”.

Iran uses the cartoons to divert attention from their alledged nuclear weapons, Syria wants to divert the world from the murder of Rafik Harari. I bet many of the protestors (or pawns if you like) havent even seen the pictures.
In the streets of Teheran you can buy pictures of Mohammed from the 1200th century.

cnlson: Hey, I’m not condoning any of the riots or violence, but in the same token you had to know that it was going to happen, so it was irresponsible of the newspaper. Think about who you’re dealing with. There is still a fatwah for Salmon Rushdie and a western author was killed last year. As far as Christians in the U.S. goes, we have had several murders of abortion doctors and Pat Robertson, possibly the pre-eminent American Christian Evangelist leader, recently called for an assasination, he also said Sharon’s stroke was God’s will for giving up some of the “promised land” to the Palestine. So, we have a few fanatics here too. Christians may be very civilized now, but weren’t always so, you mentioned the crusades, well there was also the Spanish inquistion only 400 years ago. Since, Islam is 800 years younger than Christianity maybe (hopefully) the decent Muslims will eventually take control of their religion. Before you go bonzai flaming me, don’t think that I’m taking the Muslim side, Sun Tzu says “know your enemy, know yourself”. I have 2 Muslim friends, a Pakistani and an Afghan, both are very decent, peaceful and honorable people, naturalized Americans that are very upset at how the radicals are taking over their religion and also how Islam is portrayed in the West. They swear that these violent fanatics are not “true” Muslims. Well, I don’t want to go off on a tangent so I’ll just end it here. Things are never so simple as to be able to settle things in a forum.

Their reaction is totally over the top… It’s way to radical. :Z
To me it doesn’t look verry civilized! The rest of my opinion isn’t allowed on this forum… :cop:

אתרים ברשת

This is getting out of hand. Now they try to storm a U.S. military base. Yea like that’s going to happen :confused: I saw that cartoon last night, This is just being used as an excuse for much more deeply rooted things. I can’t think of anything more usless to fight over then religion. I don’t care if you worship a tomato plant, it’s none of my business.

some people cannot take a joke what about The Life Of Brian etc anyway we have always had religious crusades but i chalenge anyone to find where it says to kill and mame people i think its just an excuse that has been used over the years to inflict harm on others

The cartoon is not an issue anymore. It is an issue about who is right in his/her opinions.

Bear in mind that only the true fanatics (on both sides) are profiting of this, way out of hand, situation. If you keep feeding them motivation, they keep feeding fanaticism. Don’t feed the trolls.


it is a CARTOON !!
they use it to start a riot. then blame the publisher???
freedom of speech???
should we live like in the middle ages??

The French press, to their great credit, has refused to bow to the pressure from these groups, and has gone so far as to republish the cartoons. In fact, one French publication has a new cartoon of Muhammed saying, “It’s hard to be loved by fools.” Given that we, the U.S., are the supposed bastion of freedom, I can’t imagine our press and media standing up to the terrorists this way. The liberals here would be bowing and scrapping on their knees asking for forgiveness for offending Islam.

OK, I’ll try one more time and then drop it. I really couldn’t agree more with most of the opinions here. I’m just saying that this is a completely alien (to the west) culture that we are dealing with here. The type of culture where they condone killing a female family member if she “dishonors” the family. One recent case in the paper was of a Muslim father killing his daughter because she was raped, and the rape dishonored the family. This was totaly condoned by the people in his village. Knowing the kind of people we are dealing with, why in the world would you print a cartoon insulting an exalted, no, their most exalted prophet. You know that they are fanatic and prone to violence, why do this? To sell newpapers? It was criminal negligence to do so, and many innocent people will pay the price.