Is your PC a victim of demonic possession?

:eek: If you think it may be, look here to see if the symptoms sound familiar:


OH no i’m suppose to burn my hdd…and move to a different country…i’ve got demons everywhere.
oh yeah and it said to stop masturbating in front of the computer…:smiley: :bow:

Yo S_S-

What a coincidence - mine said the same thing-eh!

Of course the questions were probably set up so that any “normal” answers would generate that response…but who cares? I find it hysterical that people actually believe that demons are causing them to surf for porn, or engage in cyber-sex :rolleyes: …It couldn’t be your repressed tendencies unleashing themselves under the guise of anonymity…no…it must be demons! I also love this guy’s obvious Microsoft worship… :Z

Bah. At some point people are gonna have to face the fact that they are responsible for their own actions.

Same as the “maccas is making me fat” syndrome. Different spin.

It might seem like a machine is possessed, even when it’s no fault of the user. Sony VAIOs are sometimes notorious for acting ‘possessed,’ along with an occasional Gateway. I have known of one Best Buy Medion computer system that also acted batty and couldn’t be fixed by tech support after 6 months. So, it is possible some new computers with seemingly good configurations and components just don’t work right and leave even the best techs scratching their heads.

No, dude! These people are actually seeing demons screaming at them, or telling them their God is a liar. :doh: Of course, the source was the Weekly World News…whose hard hitting journalism uncovered the story of nuns on a bus to church that were attacked by “killer mud men”…or how about the half-human, half-bat baby? I love that paper! :bigsmile:

So far no stories about how their computers are actually aliens … “I was kidnapped and probed by my pc”

LOL :clap:

Satan is all powerful…

“Any PC built after 1985 has the storage capacity to house an evil spirit,” the minister confirmed.

Well bugger me he can fit himself, all his pals and the entire contents of your personal HELL into a 640kb memory without HIMEM being loaded :eek: that is some feat!

“Technicians can replace the hard drive and
reinstall the software, getting rid of the wicked spirit permanently.”

Until he realises you have just got a shiny new 400GB HDD and can set up home permanantly with room left over for every new soul that ever gets needed.

And by the sounds of it, when I die, im going STRAIGHT TO MY MASS STORAGE DEVICE

How on earth do they know how much hard drive space is needed to house Satan? :confused:

If it has at least 666 bytes of drive space, it can house Satan. :stuck_out_tongue:

From the website source:
<META content=“MSHTML 6.00.2600.0” name=GENERATOR>

Satan-Free site eh? I clearly see the evil MS spirit residing in the website!

Use Mozilla and we can exorcise the demons!

I’d say that my DVD Burners are possessed, for some reason in the middle of the night if there’s a disc in the drive… of course while the drives are idle, they start to spin on their own. First they speed up slow then up to max speed up after that they just slow back down to being idle. What’s funny is that I have no processes running ex, Anti Virus or any software that has any reason to scan the drives… I got used to it now so it’s like whatever. Btw my cousins old piano still plays by itself when the key cover is left open over night. :eek:

Hmm… no wonder my NEC ND-3500AG is such a beast :bigsmile:

Just wondering…does your cousin have a cat, ferret, or other small animal? :wink:

Nope… just a fish tank and a tarantula. No lose pets, oh yeah and about 5 years before they purchased the property a couple died there… elderly couple.

That stuff tends to freak me out…stop it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah … bad PC… no power for you!
/me unplugs the power from the PC.

Cos we all know that what evil really wants is more power!!!

Oh, btw …