Is your NEC drive made in China?

Link to the full, three-page-long epic:

mine is made in malaysia

How can you be shure if the label (origin) isn’t fake, too? :slight_smile:

well, in that case you just have to trust the manufacture
sometimes they manufacture in one place/ package in another place/ stick the label at other place

my nec4550A is made in malaysia

Are you sure that all China made NECs come from the fake factory?

Mine ND-4571A is from Malysia… :smiley:

Has NEC some serial num finder or something on their website???

If not, they should do it and we can check if it’s original or not on their web site…hm? I really don’w think, that fake NEC will have a correct serial number.

My NEC 6500 is MIC.