Is your hardware HOT or NOT?



I just posted the article Is your hardware HOT or NOT ?.

Do you know the sites like HotOrNot and ? Well we have our own HotOrNot site now ! Want to know how others rate your hardware ? Check and submit your…

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kewl … like it, but will peeps rate it seriously ?


Hehehe lol aint no chicks but its cool hope to see more hardware posted there :4


Not impressed. It’s almost an exact rip of the original HotOrNot Site. You could have at least spent 5 mins coming up with your own design. Also - who wants to rate a monitor - make it for exceptional hardware if your gonna do it. Or do it for hardware specs rather than pics. I’d rather hear the specs on an amazing machine than see a pic of it.


When you click on back in your browser you can vote again and again and … You can’t delete or change pictures you put in. You still got some work to do …


It’s fun! That’s what it’s all about… :+