Is your DVR-108BK quiet?

i just bought one today and it is very noisy, whatever i throw at it, it makes a lot of noise. so i’m just wondering is this normal?

cant anyone answer? it’s just a simple yes or no

No its fine, only drive i hated for noise was a lite on 52 speed i had loan of for while but im back to teac, and i had a 16x dvd rom by pioneer for 3.5 years and now this dvd writer oem black exact same as you.

Anyhow it only be noisey when writing full speed not playing a movie

NO… not normal - like me! :wink:

I bought one a couple days ago, it’s fine for me. I’m impressed with the speed of it. And no it makes no noise at all really. Not any louder then my NEC ND-2500A or my LiteOn 52246S :smiley:

i just got mine today. it’s pretty quiet. (i have it in an external enclosure)

i bought mine from newegg and for some odd reason the drive is extremely fast, i ripped 7.4gb dvd movie in 26mins BUT it’s super loud, even watching dvd movies, reading cds not ripping, and burning. and they claimed it got quiet technology crap! maybe i should rma it.

Mine is totally silent. I have to verify if the light is on when burning because I do hear anything.