Is any good?

Does anyone know if they are any good?

I was thinking of pre-ordering the Halo 2 Limited Edition Set from them as no other UK websites seem to stock it.

Thanks in advance

No idea about Gameseek…but if they’re the only ones listing it, that means you’ll have a hellishly long wait probably, i.e. there’s no release date for the game. However if they don’t charge your credit card now, then what the hell, order it and sit back and wait for it to arrive…

Be aware though that the games release could turn into another Half Life 2 fiasco, or worse Duke Nukem Forever cock up…i.e. will or won’t the game ever be realeased. Certainly in the case of Duke Nukem Forever, it’s now a case of no one gives a toss…

I might perhaps also add, why or how, are 3DRealms still in business, lets face it Max Payne and Max Payne II are nothing more than destraction games, and they seem to perpetually live in the past of the backs of their shareware titles like Commander Keen, Blackstone et al…I was playing these titles on my 386\486 I owned at the time…!

man, your old! :smiley:

You bet ur ass!

But the olduns are the most experienced…I remember when a 386SX16MHz would set you back, without any OS loaded about £800! After this machine I upgraded to a Viglen all singing all dancing 486DX66MHz…that was a whopping £2000 odd! It had a 2x CD-ROM and a Soundblaster 16, I bought it with a whopping 12MB of RAM, afterall you’d never need any more than that would you, he echos Bills Gates proclaiming you’d never need more than 1MB of memory in a PC…! Oh and the hard disk…270MB…woo hoo! A 1GB drive would damage you to the tune of £700-800 and they were only SCSI at the time I think. The 386 had a 40MB drive by the way and was made by Tiny when they only really used to supply educational institutions.

Does anyone know another UK retailer that sells it?

Try… - I think this is just your Gameseek link… - I presume just the standard edition and not the Limited Edition

That’s the best I can do…anyone else?

I can find plenty of the standard edition, but only one limited edition.