Is WOPC a firmware only feature?

I noticed in burning a +RW media with WOPC ON the CPU usage was almost doubled as when WOPC was turn off, using the same media and same every other settings.

Looks like WOPC is taxing some CPU cycles in the process.

As I understand OPC/WOPC, it is a combination of hardware and software (firmware) all the way.

I would like to have it permanently turned OFF, but everytime i reboot i must go in Qsuite and turn it off

This is shoudn’t come as a surprise… Simply because of phase-change technology. :wink:

Me too, but looking at the WOPC(off) chart it doesnt shows much of a spike in CPU usage when OPC was undergoing; that puzzles me that WOPC is not in the same class with OPC. :slight_smile:

tylau, whatever “puzzles” you, you’ll have to look elsewhere for answers.
It can be your media, your system configuration, newer WOPC algorithm (in 1650’s compared to 1640’s), and so on…

Used an old, more then 100 times burned RICOHJPN-W11 DVD+RW and tested a few burns with wopc on/off.
Can’t see any difference… :slight_smile:

pic.1 = burn WOPC on
pic.2 = burn WOPC off
pic.3 = TRT burn WOPC on
pic.4 = TRT burn WOPC off
pic.5 = Q-test burn WOPC off

That sounds very unlikely to me, because WOPC is performed by the drive - not by the CPU in your pc.

The CPU usage reported in the Nero CD-DVD Speed scan is the amount used not just by the burning process but by the entire Windows system including all running programs, so one likely explanation is that you were doing something else while burning which used some extra CPU power, or some background process used that extra CPU power.

If you really want to know, try repeating this experiment without doing anything on the system, and you’ll most probably not see any difference in CPU usage between WOPC On and WOPC Off.

True, turning off WPOC only affect data rate slightly during burning(and on the upside) that should not have so profounded an effect on CPU%. I might have some background net transfer at that time, some kind of IP stack processings; have to further test on these. Thanks, you all very helpful and informative. :slight_smile:

To set the record straight, WOPC on or off, there is no way that high in CPU%. Problem solved, thanks again.

I was going to mention that this phonemona, if real, could be explained by the firmware of the drive accepting data in smaller chunks while doing WOPC vs non-WOPC mode. Smaller transfers will require more transfers to move the same amount (rate) of data and more transfers means more interupts, more context switches, etc., and, hence, more CPU usage. Not a ton, but it could be noticible on an idle machine.