Is WinMX Illegal?



Again I am pretty dumb on this kind of thing. Is WinMX illegal? Has anyone yet got caught using it? I don’t know if it is considered illegal by the recording industry or not. Any help would be appreciated!



Using P2P software is not illegal. It is only illegal when you start downloading copyrighted material that you havn’t paid for. This would be stealing and thus is illegal.


Well, it depends on in what country you live in.
There are countries where downloading is (still) legal, but uploading is illegal.

If it’s illegal to make a copy for yourself, then it’s also illegal to have a photocopy machine an a library full of copyrighted material.


A copy machine in a libarary is legal because of fair use. You can legally copy small parts of copyrighted works (In the US). Generally, but not always, this means 30 seconds of music can be copied legally, and a couple pages. Note too that many people use a copy machine for things they own rights to (their tax returns for instance). For that matter not everything in a library is copyrighted, some old books are out of copyright.

As for WinMX… Well you need to figgure out EXACTLY what you are copying with it, and then see a lawyer.

Best: even if it is legal, buying a copy supports the artists you like. If it isn’t worth buying a copy, then why clutter up your computer with music you don’t like?


Buying a music CD does not support the artist. Artists make money from concerts and not CD’s, they even admit that themselfs. It are the record companies who fill their pockets with the overpriced CD’s. I don’t mind supporting an artist by going to a concert at all, but paying €20/€25 ($24/$30) for a plastic disc with only 12 songs on it (to fill the pockets of a record company) is way too much.

If they put the prices down, then they would sell a lot more CD’s and there would’t be so much downloading going on.


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Depends which country you reside in.


The software itself is NOT illegal. However, it CAN be used for illegal purposes. P2P file sharing, in and of itself, is no more illegal than the network file sharing protocols built into the Windows XP OS.

But…if you are asking if it’s illegal to download and share copyrighted material via WinMX, the answer is yes. Just as it was illegal to use Napster to share copyrighted material. And just as it is also illegal to use Kazaa, e-Donkey, et al to share copyrighted material.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped too many people. :bigsmile:


winmx is legal, what you share probibly isnt