Is Winmx Illegal In california?



Well Is it?


i hope so i use it all the time


WinMX is legal everywhere :slight_smile:


its what you dl on the p2p networks that determine the legality, not the software itself, courts in multiple countires including the us, astralia, canada, stated that in rullings.


Any P2P in the United States is illegal but people dont care and use it anyway.


no p2p in the us is illegal, courtshave ruled there legal cuz they violate no laws, y do u think the riaa is sueing users now,not p2p networks


WinMX is legal in the United States. However, what you download may not be legal. Are you downloading copyrighted material? If you answer yes, then what you are using it for is illegal. However, any p2p program itself is legal in the US.


Is the VCR legal in California?


Well what I am using it for is just to downloads albums songs (you know Music). Music is the only thing that I download and all the music that I download is MP3 format. So are MP3’s illegal to download in California?


It’s illegal to D/L copyrighted music anywhere in the US. It’s a Federal Law and not State Law. Now there are some legit sites where you pay to D/L MP3s and that is legal but Picking up copyrighted music without paying for it (via Winmx) is illegal. As mentioned above Winmx and pretty much any other P2P network is legal but often times the content that you pick up from them is not.




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Corporations go out of their way to make something illegal that isn’t a crime, then commit crimes and tell us it’s not illegal.

Go figure :disagree: :rolleyes: :doh: :Z :iagree:


I Googled Canada’s law about p2p, and i found out that November 2005, the law was passed that downloading anything is legal even copyrighted stuff, as long as it is used for personal use and not shared or sold. They also said that having the same stuff on a hard drive available for people to upload is also legal. The Judge was quoted saying it’s the exact same as the public libraries having a photocopy machine in a place full of copyrighted material.


i never used winmx what is it? i live in cali too :smiley:


I also have never used winmx but read the other posts and now I know! I don’t live in cali :slight_smile:


so its pretty much like limewire.


Yes it’s been around for a wile and mostly used for music downloads. I believe at one stage it was very popular, very easy to use and could just about find any song on it.


Yeah well winmx has been taken down now