Is WinMX Down?

Have tried for the past to days to get onto WinMX site but it never connects, always yellow light and keeps trying to connect.
Thought perhaps a software problem with my Win XP Pro so I uninstalled and re-instaleed, still no luck.

Booted to my second backup drive with WinME on it and still could not connect. Seems like it’s not a software problem, did by any chance they shut down the site, will they meet the same fate as Kazza?
Has anybody been able to access this site today?

Yea just tried it, same thing, but maybe its because I haven’t updated to version 3.2 yet.


Thank you for trying and letting me know. I do in fact think the site is down, I hope it’s not permanently.
I doubt it’s because you haven’t upgraded to 3.2. I have 3.2 on XP and it didn’t work. I then booted to my other drive with WinME and the older version of WinMX. That too didn’t work.
I then uninstalled the older version and installed 3.2 on the ME drive, same results, can’t connect but keeps trying.
Can somebody else please try to connect to WinMX and advise if they connected. Thanks for your efforts.

Forget It I connected.

Butthead over here asumed it was V 3.2 since I only downloaded it recently. Actually I had 3.1 and even an older version on the WinME drive.
I downloaded 3.2, uninstalled 3.1 and removed all entries in the Registry. Also removed from Zone Alarm Pro which I enable access to.
Don’t know if it was a Zone Alarm problem since access was from 3.1, no matter it works now.
I’ll do the same thing for XP now and I should be good to go.