Is Windows XP UDMA/100 Enabled



I have read, that Windows 2000 was not UDMA/100 enabled.

Is Windows XP UDMA/100 enabled?

I am going to switch over to it so this info is very vital for me.


I am using Windows Xp Professional. Xp is ATA100 compatible. Actually I am running MSI’s KT333 Motherboard with ATA 133 Raid built on motherboard. After loading driver’s it works fine.


So, do i have to install the drivers for enabling ATA/100 or is it enabled by default.

My Mobo is an ASUS CUSL2-C (i815ep chipset).

The HDD is Seagate 20 GB ATA/100.


Sorry. I can’t help you there. I’ve always used a RAID configuration which requires a driver when installing Windows XP or 2000. I can’t imagine XP not having ATA100 support as long as your motherboard supports it.