Is Winamp3 heavier than .....?

Is it my imagination or is winamp 3 a lot more heavier and resource hungry than wimap2…

2 was perfect …used to run zippy…loaded 3 just a week back…and man it drags…

takes about 30 secs to load …then the songs get jerky…and stop if i am using any other proggy like explorer or sumthin…else…which nver used to happen earlier…

removed it …then installed again…but no luck…

any idea …y this is …??
BTW …loaded only 1 skin MMD3…and lyrix…is it cause of this…?

same here,takes way to long for starting up,uses alot of resources,
i deleted 3.0 already and use 2.91:D

Winamp 3 is junk. It still behaves like beta software. Winamp 2.xx is much better.

3 is much more graphix intensive.

ya.but tell me does it behave so sluggish …and keeps crashing all the time with you’ll also or wat?

i think i shd start a poll on this …wat say?

sheesh…just as i thought,
did a clean uninstall…had an old exe of 2.79…loaded it…
and its back to being zzippy…loads in 3 secs instead of 30 secs in W3…
also playing is as smooth as earlier…
(and to think i was almost about to buy more RAm .)

jeez…y dont these guys sort out these issues …bfore bring ing out a new version,and publicsing it so much…

actually, 2.91 is newer than 3.0. its just that 3.0 is a different engine, which is winamp, but with much more modding capabilities. 2.91 has all of the functionality of 3.0, besides the radical skinning.

mine only crashed when i tried to play something that had bad filters, or when the directx 8.1 sdk conflicted with some other files.

Now that they are owned by AOL you can bet it’ll be downhill from here. Junked up with all their proprietary crap. Enjoy it while it lasts because the first change will probably be the automatic installation of AOL software icons built into the Winamp installer. I guess I should start looking for a backup media player with Winamp features.

aol bought nullsoft in 1999. i guess you should start looking 4 years ago.

3 is bloatware, it’s just prettier but worse at everything else…

I love my Winamp 2.92.:bow:

Aol icons have already com e into winamp…whhen i loaded 3 …it started loading aol icons in my start up…
but now my 2.79 is working fine…and now i aint gonna upgrade no matter what!!!.
any major diffrences betn 2.79 and 2.92 ?

Originally posted by ckin2001

aol bought nullsoft in 1999. i guess you should start looking 4 years ago. [/B]

Hey ckin2001,
I had no idea it’s been that long.
Not much longer now. Just like Nutscrape…err I mean Netscape.

I used to use winamp 2, they I used winamp 3.

And now I do not use both of them :cool:

Originally posted by Seniormemberlol
any major diffrences betn 2.79 and 2.92 ?
Yep, definetely worth the upgrade :wink:

Originally posted by jan70
[B]I used to use winamp 2, they I used winamp 3.

And now I do not use both of them [/B]
Lol, funny guy :stuck_out_tongue:

i had no idea as well. i figured it was 2001 or so, but 99, no way. i guess that was when AOL had money.

Netscape lost because of microsoft, not because of AOL.

any special featurs?
my bookmarks wont disappear right? when i upgrade…
bu tthey went …when i did so fm 2 to 3…:a

last i knew,. you could have 3.0 and 2.92 installed at the same time, no conflict.

ckin…dosnt 3 oevrwrite 2 when i install it…atleast it did in my case…?

ill have to check, i thought you could have both.

By default, Winamp 2 is installed into C:\Program Files\winamp while WA3 goes to C:\Program Files\winamp3