Is VMD the real solution to stop the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD war?

I just posted the article Is VMD the real solution to stop the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD war?.

It seems that an universal player is not a so easy solution to implement to stop the war between next generation Hi Definition optical formats, Blu-ray and HD-DVD. The multiplayer announced by LG at…

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“New Medium Enterprises provides the world’s first Low-Cost true High Definition medium solution utilizing today’s Red Laser Technology and existing DVD industrial infrastructure. The VMD platform is meant for 1920X1080i/p High Definition up to 40 Mbps bit rate playback using its 20 GB-40 GB Red Laser optical discs - the players & burners stand alone and computer embedded, inherently backward compatible with DVD and CD.” - “The other emerging solution is a multilayer disc containing all video formats (DVD, Blu-ray and HD-DVD) each on a separate layer.” - this is simply misleading. VMD is a completely separate HD format presently using red laser and exploiting some new found extra space (likely within a hub). That is what probaply they got a patent for. Blue laser is included on the paper just in case somebody decides to use their sandwich principle with a shorter wave. IMO VMD has nothing to do with adding a mix of Blu, HD and AACS to the table, as its all about the cost efficiency, that is why their hardware and content is so cheap, and by the way compatible with an asian EVD which is also a red laser format.

The LG dual player does what we all need, it PLAYS BOTH MOVIE formats. Big freakin deal if it cannot support all the new interactive HD DVD features, I just want the HD movie ! Its a 1st generation hybrid player, it won’t be long before they can support all features. But I’d prefer they give up and just settle on HD DVD and admit blu-ray is too expensive to be used for movies.

I don’t understand why they keep pushing for Blu-Ray, The next logical format in every point of view is HD-DVD. Cheap production, easy to modify production lines, technology (dvd) is tried, testes and working. Discs will become cheaper much faster. Blu-Ray is a good format but they shuld have keept working on it instead of releasing it. I think sony is getting desperate, trying to get the technology onto the market with Playstation 3 etc.

quote “Blu-Ray is a good format but they shuld have keept working on it instead of releasing it.” Spot on in my opinion. a Good technology that could be soo much better had it not been rushed into service. If dual format players do really work out the I can see Blu-ray taking a back seat for the mean time untill blu-ray disc’s are produced more affordably and will probably be used for those special editions that actualy need 50GB’s.

vmd is nice, but it will make even more expensive. i would go where the real values are. so far, i don’t like bd at all. i think dvd is still the king, but it seems like hd-dvd camp should have released triple layer 51gbyte disk from the beginning. 17gb sounds better than 15gb per disk. since hd-dvd copy protection has been sort of broken, i am inclined to hd-dvd

Actually, shinman, HD VMD is the cheapest HD format. The players range from $150 - $300 and the movies retail for an astonishing $18!

I forgot to mention that all HD VMDs are in full 1080p and offer upconversion (I believe it is up to 1080i/p, but don’t quote me on that) and supports up to 7.1 surround sound. If they can get proper studio support* and get some financial backers so they can get the word out there. The internet is great for spreading the word and all, but they need to put some serious money into TV and print ads. *With most of the major studios signing exclusive deals with HD and Blu-Ray, I think they’re best bet would be to start a following with music, sports and possibly TV shows. We haven’t seen many concert DVDs, pro wrestling or other sporting events in high def yet, this could be VMD’s only shot at getting any attention and some of the market share. There are also very little TV shows on HD or Blu, but I don’t know how it works with the contracts and exclusive deals and everything.