Is VLC becoming a bad software?

I am using VLC by a very long time, and I always suggested it as one of the best software but recently I’m not more so sure that VLC is still the best player.

Except for the ugly behavior with WMV files (wmv is the worst format available anyway in my opinion :Z ) I’m very disappointed about how subtitles are managed by VLC.

I remember that forced subtitles were correctly displayed in previous versions (I can’t remember exactly when this stopped to work), but now the default setting is to not show any subtitle; the only way to see forced subtitles is manually selecting them right clicking on the video screen. This is very annoying, mostly because the option is not in the menu appearing right clicking but is necessary to open three submenus :doh:

I wasn’t able to find a way to solve this. Setting “IT” as preferred track is not a solution, because not always a video contain forced subtitles, and with this setting Italian subtitles are shown always, even when not necessary :doh:

This happen not only with DVD playback, but also with mkv files. In my previous tests with handbrake I was able to insert forced subtitles in a video, but VLC still refuse to show these unless I manually set to show them.

I’m pretty sure that this is a new feature introduced for some reason because previous versions were working correctly and this problem appeared only recently. I really can’t understand why the developers implemented this completely nonsense way.

Browsing VLC forums, I found that other users are complaining about this, and I also noticed that they are completely ignored… WTH??? :confused:

Can someone suggest a workaround? Or an alternative player?

I already tried MPC Home Cinema, but even if it can read correctly forced subtitles, I’m not feeling comfortable with MPC. It is very different by VLC, keyboard commands are different, and volume control is not really good.

I can switch to MPC if needed dumping VLC, but I’d like to try some alternatives first. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

After playing some more with settings, I found a solution.

Audio --> Preferred audio language

This field must be left empty

Subtitles & OSD --> Preferred subtitle language

In this field there must be written “[B]any[/B]” (without quotes)

Using these settings, VLC shows again forced subtitles.

Also audio languages are played correctly ignoring the order in audio stream list

For example, if there are three audio streams like following:

1 - English
2 - Italian*
3 - English (director’s comment)

if Italian language is set as default (for example with DVD Shrink), then Italian language will be played by default even if is not the first stream in the list.

I just tested this with DVD files and with mkv files (made with handbrake).

In some previous versions of VLC all of this hassle was not necessary because default audio and subtitles were shown automatically with default settings :doh:

I hope that in next version this will be not changed again :rolleyes:

I don´t usually have to deal with sub-titles, but whenever I need an alternative player I usually try GOM gives it 5 stars


I don’t ever deal with subtitles, but I’ve also felt that VLC is becoming worse. The file size is increasing and it’s becoming bloated down. I preferred it before it got it’s makeover a few years ago. Anyway, I use both VLC and MPC with K-lite codec pack. Between the two of them, I’m pretty much able to do anything I care to, and MPC is very light weight.

Thanks for feedback :slight_smile:

I forgot to check if there is a newer version of MPC :doh: I currently use version 1.3.1249.0

Is GOM player portable? :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=deanimator;2594720] gives it 5 stars[/QUOTE]I wouldn’t trust them at all.


My favourite media player is a combination of Media Player Classic and FFDShow (for the codecs) with a custom AviSynth motion compensation hack for smooth video like 100Hz/120Hz TVs. MPC plays most of my video content, including 720p and 1080p footage taken with my cameras.

I mainly use VLC for video that can’t be played in Media Player Classic, such as older MPEG2 recordings off satellite. VLC is also quite annoying in that it disables interlacing by default, even on interlaced video. If VLC had the motion compensation capability, I’d probably use it more.


Deinterlacing was indeed disabled by default… I set it as automatic now :doh:

paranoia rising

[QUOTE=deanimator;2594720]I don´t usually have to deal with sub-titles, but whenever I need an alternative player I usually try GOM gives it 5 stars


I would second that:iagree:

GOM Player has been my default player since 2005 IIRC, I tried to use some alternatives from time to time including MPC, VLC, BSPlayer, but GOM is still my preferred weapon of choice :slight_smile:

Let’s see how good is GOM.