Is Vista's DRM annoying you?

4633, I don’t know where you got Vista, but I have my suspicions. I don’t believe you paid for it, because if you did, and you never bothered to run the Vista Readyness analyzer, thats rediculas. You have NO RIGHT to complain about an OS if you never even bothered to check for compatibility issues. The fact that you state you dual booted, and havent bothered to mess with Vista says alot. As for those pioneering early adopters, it’s true that WE are going to be setteled down niceley into Vista and helping others… I just don’t believe I would count 4633 in that group of users PS, I was also really pissed when I found I could not run Vista on my 486 DX266. Why cant I upgrade Win 3.11 to Vista? Why don’t Lemmings and Duke Nukem run under Vista? 3.11 loooks great to me, why would I ever need more than 8 megs of system memory… and who the hell needs more than 1 meg of memory on their video card? Scratch that… What the hell is a video card? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, look at all the Microsoft / Vista apologists. Are you trying to legitimize the latest problem Microsoft has released? :o

Marvin, Never paid…?..It’s a f*cking laptop with Vista preloaded in there…If you read it carefully, you would pick up that I don’t just have ONE computer talking about here…We’re talking about my buddy’s laptop and my dual-boot(it’s call a TRIAL)…Don’t be an @$$ and starting throwing punches at me…!..I’m complaining, you complaining…

Well I’ve got 1 vista machine ( home premium ) for mce to go with 1 xp home and a mce 2005 box + a linux farm for testing ( still building this ). So far I like vista. Interested in the drm thing, will go over those port logs again I guess. So far it seem fine. After the rage at the xp launch I find this all a bit funny. I didn’t go xp till 2002 as it was - I like w2k pro also. That said, if one my linux yoik tells me to avoid vista because of bad driver support - I’ll feed him a red hat distro - on floppies! I have never found a bigger pile of SH&T than linux for driver support help wifi via wrapper? wtf? . It appears diy OS is the plan. If you can’t write your own drivers - go buy a mac ( also 25 %owned by M$ incase you forgot ). Now I’m going back to a nice safe hpux box, see if you can stop me! :stuck_out_tongue: