Is Vista A Problem?

I have always made copies of my Dvd’s for travel. I use the normal stuff. Either Nero Recode or Dvd Shrink and Any Dvd. Rarely have I had a problem making a image. Recently I upgraded to a new Gateway Vista System which has been great except for the Dvd thing. When I first got it, you could not even read a disk in Shrink. Instant error. I went to the Gateway chat and the lady had me do things in the registry and it worked. Then it stopped working. I tried the reg fix but it did not help this time. I noticed that any dvd had a way to slow down the drive. That worked at first but then that did not help anymore. Ive been able to use the Dvd Fab by ripping the files and then using Shrink to do them. That has worked a few times. I just came back with a movie I want to back up. Shrink and recode will not read them. Recode wont even read it for the Ipod option. I put the same movie into my old XP laptop and Shrink worked fine with NO any dvd running. Is it possible that’s it’s the drive? There is something wrong with the drive? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Yes, Vista is a problem.

That’s it? No work around or fixes. Im starting to wonder if it’s the drive itself.

Plenty of us that don’t have any problems with Vista.

What is the version number of your installed AnyDVD?

I have Vista Home Premium but I have done a lot of tweaking to it.And I don’t have a Gateway.So far everything burns fine.So I would think your drive is the main suspect.
I mostly use CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD for most of my burns.I also usually use my old computer with Windows 98SE for burning.It has a better burner & that way I can use the newer computer as I like.

[QUOTE=Chetwood;2061619]Yes, Vista is a problem.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=cholla;2061855]I have Vista Home Premium but I have done a lot of tweaking to it.[/QUOTE]I think you are right cholla. You need to do this twaking to not have problem with Vista. Not all know how to do this. Then they have problem.

I have done so much to Vista & a lot shouldn’t be related to copying DVD’s but who knows.My Vista version started out at 11.5 GB by the time I leaned it down it was about 9GB.Then I started tweaking & adding software now it’s around 16GB.

I just did the update on anydvd yesterday. The burner burns fine. It’s the ripping that it wont do. But it has worked after I did some fixes. I did the remove filter thing from the reg once and that worked for a while. I slowed down the drive speed in any dvd and that worked for awhile. It just never lasts. Nero Recode wont even read the disk. Dvd Shrink will read it but then when the encode starts, up pops the error. And for the record as it seems to be a touchy subject, I have no problems with Vista. I like Vista. Im not sure Vista is the problem. Like I said the burner burns fine and plays movies fine, it’s the ripping that is the problem. I guess my main question is could it be the drive? Btw…the any dvd version number is Thanks.

I found that I uninstalled Nero (conflicted with my Vista) and installed 1clickdvdcopy pro and the free DVD43 and I use Taiyo Yuden discs and burn at 8X. I have no problem and find it so quick and easy to use.