Is Vista a giant step back in terms of being power-user freindly

Is it just me or is Vista a giant step back for any power-user. You know, people wouldn’t believe it, but showing the file times that new way with totally brain-damage-stupid information like “42 minutes ago” for example made me so mad several times that I felt physically bad and I seriously fear that it damages me physically.

I won’t talk again about the fact that there is zero logic behind the configuration of the search function, because the search outcome does not at all relate to the completely non-logical and contradicting settings, but another thing: In Vista you can’t sort files by the date created because it only sorts by date created within little packets that are sorted by folder path. But that’s not all: Before you see that you can’t sort the files, you have to enable information like order paths and dates, which are the information you do the search for, YOURSELF. It only lists the file names even under detailed view!

Maybe it’s just me, but I think, that Vista simply does not want me to know what’s on my HDD, does not want to see all files on my PC and their fate and does not want me to freely work on my own computer.

There is this little this and that everywhere that has took my own PC away from me. When enabling protected system files being visible those two ugly desktop.ini files appear on the desktop. It’s so ugly that you simply can’t leave the setting enabled. Vista won and you losed again.

The fact that Vista doesn’t ask to install media center or not is another thing. The unbelievable mess that you can’t officially and with simple methods slipstream SP1 into Vista. And so many more. What should I do? I can’t take it any longer. :Z

Is there a 64bit OS out there that has no unimportant silly features and so called no-features, but simple hardcore functions for hardcore users. An OS you can surf with including flash support, burn an scan DVDs with, edit video and pictures with, view and organize your files with, do bit-comparisons of files with, but is a few MB of size and still as modern as Vista in terms of graphics and other core things? :frowning:

You know I never hated Windows like so many many people did for ages and I still don’t hate Microsoft like so many do. But xp was just that OS I described earlier. Just a little too much of size. But xp was really great. What happened???