Is "Verify data on disc after burning" causing problems?


According to the thread I asked previously about Burning Process Failed, after I read the thread and without changing anything, I only try burning the DVD again but this time without choosing “Verify data on disc after burning” and the burning process turned out successfully. (Previously when I got the Burning Process Failed problem, I always chose the “Verify data on disc after burning”) What happened??

Without choosing the “Verify data on disc after burning”, will the contents in the DVD be ok? What are the differences between choosing to verify data and not choosing to verify data?

Thank you so much in advance…


It often happend with Nero, it stops verifying.
Burn the DVD and play it und you will see.

In Nero Options set a hook “Don’t eject Disk after burning”.
Then try it again.

Thank you so much… :slight_smile:
I’ll try that…