Is Verbatim phasing out (Advanced Azo) dvd-rs for just regular (Azo)?


For the past 2 years i have been using verbatim advanced azo 16x dvd-r dvd's from best buy. I always got great results. Well, a couple of weeks ago i went to best buy and i noticed they didnt have any of these anymore. But they did have a new box of verbatim's that i never saw before, that said Azo (not advanced Azo) on the box. Since they didnt have what i usually get, i just bought these regular azo instead. I got home and burned a movie and i got ok results, but not as good as the ones i use to use.

Are Verbatim phasing out the old ones with these new lesser quality dvd-rs?

Here goes a link to the old Advanced Azo ones on
I ordered this online and i received the new ones in the mail instead. The link below is a picture of the new ones (the purple and orange box that only say Azo on them). Yes Newegg lists them as having Advanced Azo but the box only says Azo and my results sucked compared to the old ones

The change from “Advanced Azo” to just “Azo” for DVD media, and from “Super Azo” to just “Azo” for CD-R media is just a marketing change.

Some people have reported getting results with the Verbatims in new packaging that are not quite as good as the older Verbatims, but personally I think this is just a result of quality control not being as good as it was a few years ago due to cost cutting.

If you want more comments on the quality of your new Verbatim DVDs, I suggest you post some quality scans and transfer rate test; saying that they “suck” doesn’t give us anything to work with.

I just got a pack of 8x Verbatim DVD+R (for a great price too, $10.99) and it’s even missing AZO on the packaging! Only ‘Metal Azo’ is mentioned on the circular insert.

However, I’m sure that they’re genuine Prodisc-made MCC 003.

The dye used for discs with “Neo-Verbatim” packaging is the same as the dye used for discs with old packaging. “Advanced Azo” and “Advanced Azo+” are just marketting terms.


All the same crap. Post scans too if you say they’re worse than before.

Btw, do they still work flawlessly in your dvd player or not?

This information that I am posting now will most likely just add more confusion, so don’t read this unless you are very familiar with the media world. (And it only applies to Europe.) I’m posting it though, assuming that it could be valuable information for some at least.

The Verbatim “normal” (DataLifePlus) 8x DVD+R (MCC 003/02RG20) were sold as “Advanced AZO”. The Pearl White 8x DVD media was sold as “AZO” (not Advanced!) if they had CMC codes, and did not have neither Advanced AZO nor AZO if they were the Ritek ones.

(This does not apply to 16x; the 16x Pearl White media was Advanced AZO+ MCC media, made by Moser Baer India.)