Is verbatim DVD-R X16 is also DATALIFEPLUS?

I went to buy a cake of 25/50 verbatim dvd media,
and I’ve saw it didn’t state that it was DATALIFEPLUS… maybe they don’t state it anymore as they did in the X8 media?

on the net I’ve found this photo:

you can see it says datalifeplus underneath the Verbatim logo,
I found only one jewel case of it in the store and it said it was made in Taiwan.

but all the new media arrived to the store was at 16X speed,

and it looked like this (only that it was a cake):

it only said Advanced AZO at the the top and that’s it… and it’s made in India…

any difference?
should I still buy it?

If you can live with 8x [or 12x in some drives] burns, the 25 packs in the photo are Prodisc-manufactured MCC 003. Nice, reliable media that performs very well in all drives. Can’t go wrong with it!

Now the second choice. I’ve never encountered Moser Baer [India] MCC 004 myself so I don’t have first-hand experience with them… some people have complained about their quality, others had good results.

The Made in India ones are very varied in quality. Those here in the UK seem fine but some available in mainland Europe give quite poor burns.

The Made in Japan or Made in Taiwan batches of any of the Verbatim media seem to be the better ones if you can fiind them.

I have some non printable made in India MCC004 and for a pretty cheap disc i think they are splendid. In QS there’s not much diff on 8 & 12x burns (not outstanding scans but very decent) and all play and burn well in any standalone or writer. Based on that success i decided to try the printables as well and it seems they are Taiwan media so i look forward to test those. (Even if they are almost same price as T02 printables :eek: )
All mine are Adv Azo and from svp :slight_smile:

The DataLifePlus name has been dropped on newer DVD media from Verbatim, so don’t worry about that - the media is still the same, unless you buy Pearl White media.

DataLifePlus still exists as a name for Verbatim CD-R media however.

People have different experience with Verbatim Made in India DVD media, and it may also depend on the burner. Personally the Made in India media has been at least as good as Made in Taiwan media for me on my Plextor and NEC drives.