Is verbatim behind that?

Ok guys,

I baught a real cheap spindle of MCC03 Bulkpaq brand. I baught it because at all those who baught it said its very good!!!
I am chocked!!! this media has a MCC03 code but also it said to be manufactured by Verbatim !!! look for yourself and tell me what you think ?
This is only one scan out of three, they are all the same. My Benq even refused to burn it!

Nope, if you look at the package you will see that it is made in hong kong.

Which means, that it is an infosmart disk, using a fake MCC code. Given that infosmart disks are crap to begin with, you are lucky it is even readable. I got a spool once upon a time with the media code AN31 on them, and I simply could not get a readable burn from them, even with a pioneer 108.

Fortunately, you probably paid next to nothing for the spool of disks, so have fun using them as coasters. (We can get them here in australia for about $18AU for 50 spool)

yes I got them real cheap!!! but what chocks me is the word “Verbatim” in the disc info. Its not only a fake MCC03, but its also a fake Verbatim…
I am going to send that scan to Verbatim!!!

BTW: its not writen anywhere HongKong. But it is writen

this is the mail I sent to bulkpaq: “I baught a spindle (50) of Bulkpaq 8X DVD+R!!! And I want to be refund; This is a shame. I tried burning them with my Liteons 1653S, 1693S and my Benq 1620. I could get nothing out of them!!! My benq even refused to burn them!!! I just can’t believe those medias have an MCC03 code and is said to be made by Verbatim (that’s what nero reports). I may have got a bad batch… if that’s the case than send me an other one! If not than tell me how to be refund!!”

This is the mail I sent to Verbatim france (sorry you need to google it):
“Monsieur, Madame,
Je tiens d’abord à souligner la tres bonne qualité de vos produits que j’achete tres regulierement (DVD, CD).
La semaine derniere je commande sur le site 3 spindles de 50 DVD de differentes marques. Dont un spindle de la marque Bulkpaq. Celui-ci est vendu comme étant du MCC03 et pire… comme etant fabriqué par Verbatim (vous trouverez attaché à ce message une copie du rapport de Nero). Je sais qu’il existe beaucoup de faut sur le marché, mais je ne pensais pas qu’ils iraient jusqu’a utiliser un faut fabriquant.
D’ou ce message: etes vous les fabriquants du support dvd MCC03 pour bulkpaq?
Je tiens a vous dire que j’ai 3 graveurs (Liteon 1693S, 1653S et Benq 1620) et que mon Benq a meme refusé de les graver!!!”

You are right, I don’t think they actually say where they are made on the packaging, but I was asking a store owner where they were made and he said hong kong. You can automaticly assume the worst when a product refuses to mention where they are manufactured.

The reason why it says verbatim is because it has the MCC003 code, as this the most popular brand to use this code. It isn’t anything on the disk, but simply CdSpeed making a reasonable suggestion given that most legitamate MCC003 media is sold by verbatim.

Verbatim actually have several manufacturers make their MCC003 disks, including CMC, prodisk and Mosar Baer. For the most part though, the real verbatim disks work very well, especially if you burn them at the rated speed. Overspeeding is less likely though, at least in my experience.

I don’t know much about the UK DVD-/+R market, but if you are after inexpensive good media, you should shop around for RICOHJPNR01 disks. (4x DVD+R’s) They should only be a little more expensvie then the bulkpaqs, but produce excellent burns for the price. Watch out though, as people like to fake these as well :frowning:

The UK market is flooded with e-net landfill material (ie Bulqpaq). Yes I realize I am probably going to start another war here but this is too big of a deal to cover up. I realize that Bulqpaq is meant to be “budget” media but media that has blatantly stolen media ID codes is something else. I don’t expect high quality from them but I do expect honesty. I can’t imagine that e-net doesn’t know damn good and well about this either.

False advertisement.
Verbatim/Mitsubihi doesn’t manufacture for any E-net brands.

What E-net sells is at it’s best rejected stock comming from CMC or Prodisc.
However in your case it’s made by infosmart who abused the code of Mitusishi.

Current programms all detect on the MID and will identify the disc’s on that one.
Because infosmart faked the MID CDSPEED detects these disc’s as verbatim.

Claims as made by verbatim or Mitsubishi are incorrect when it comes to bulkpaq.

If you want media with Mitsubishi codes and according to there quality then you got 3 options.
1 Buy Verbatim
2 Buy Mitsubishi (japan)
3 Buy BIG A-brand oem’s like PHILIPS 16x DVD-R.

All cheap stuff is:
Rejected media or Fake media.

Australia is also reasonably flooded with landfill infosmart media. Brands it sells under include Laser, Balkpaq, MTV, Muller and probably more I haven’t heard about. There is also a lot of princo media about, but since most of it is genuine (and actually works at least in the short term), it isn’t as big a problem.

Fortunately, its mostly computer stores that distribute this crap. Supermarkets seem smart enough to stock TDK and Verbatim mostly instead, although coles is still selling this rubbish media under the brand name MTV and old stock under the brand name Muller.

We also have, which is an awesome place to buy media, often at better rates then charged for landfill media.

I perfectly agree with Jesterrace!!! Its all about honesty!!! and we should be protected from those kind of gangs!!! Companies (like Nierle) which sell this kind of media should be punished!!! They can’t just sell, get the money, and say “we don’t make them” !!! I also sent a mail to Nierle and I am asking to be refund.

Bulkpaq boxes packed by infosmart

Pretty much 100% confirmation that all bulkpaq media is produced by infosmart. (unless an even dodgier chinese/russian outfit is making fakes of the fakes, which I’ll stop thinking about as it is giving me a headache)

Not all bulkpaq medua is infosmart, i have bulkpaq printable media that is made by cmc (MID: cmc mag ae1), with the right serial numbers.

I use a prodisc R03 write strategy when buring fake mcc003 bulkpaq media, burns come out far, far better

Ours are bulkpak - a spin off of an already cheap brand? apparantly bulkpaq have nothing to do with bulkpak - who knows.

I take this out of context on purpose, because most of the time cheap stuff is actually this… cheap stuff!! Rejects and fakes.

Another way to say it is: when it looks too good to be true, 99% of the time it’s not true.

OK you may find promotions on good discs, but generally all very cheap discs are crap. And Bulkpaq is well known for el-cheapo quality.

It’s actually NOT illegal to “borrow” a Mediacode, sadly, so it’s difficult to attack both the brand and/or the shop.

If you want to deal with a shop that would replace the discs if they don’t work the way you want them to, shop at SVP. Best customer service I ever had to deal with. :flower:

I baught at the same time 1 spindle of Ridisc which works perfectly!!! They are also cheap!

Ok I have news from Nierle: They refund me this spindle!!! That’s professionnal!!!
here is their answer:

vous etes d´accord si je vous faire un accompte de 14,99€ pour la prochaine commande et vous ne devez pas les reenvoyer?
Bonne journee

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Correction it is illegal. You can not borrow MID at least for +R and MCC003 is a +R code. Check the statement Philips licensing made:

Maybe you’ve been misled by all the french dvd recordable manufacturers who think they can borrow codes.

Thanks for the link and the correction Dakhaas - good work man :D! And these are very good news! :iagree:

Also it seems that Trademarks and stuff also could protect DVD-R codes in some cases.
However still no official answer for -R.

Is there a thread I can subscribe to, so to be sure not to miss your news on the subject? :slight_smile:

In addition it should be noted that these folks actually have the gaul to list “Verbatim” by it’s name in the info. So as if the theft of the ID code isn’t enough they have also technically stolen the Verbatim label.