Is Verbatim 700MB 40x any good?

Hi - I have the Liteon 40125W, and im looking for cdrs that will actually burn properly at 40x.
I live in the U.K, and so far i have found the Verbatim 40x, which are actually cheaper than many 24x CDrs (i.e TDK 24x is 42p, whereas these 40x ones are 40p).

Does anyone know if these verbatim ones are any good? If not, any recommendations on which to get (I heard Taiyo Yuden are pretty good) - Slimline jewel cased please.

Thanks for any help and info


I bought some of these for my 24x Lite On, but unfortunately I am unable to burn them faster than 16x (another forum member has the same problem). I think it’s just a case of waiting for a new firmware from Lite-On, maybe you will have to do the same with your writer? It’s bad enough for me not being able to burn at 24x, but if you were stuck at 16x and not 40x the that would be even more frustrating.

I recommend you buy a small sample first. I got mine from for 38p + postage, who I would recommend.



I tried Verbatim 24x and 32x @ max speed and no problem can’t find 40x!

Where are the 40x made? If Mexico, run away from them!

How do i find out where they are made? Its mail order so i think ill just get a few and test them out first.



If i’m not mistaken use cdrinfo!

In this case, it should be written on the spindle/jewel case.

Not allways !

The 24x ones I had previously were very good, made in Taiwan. These new 40x discs are made in India, both 24x and 40x are made by Mitsubishi according to cdrid.


Don’t remember who said so but seems that cdr made in india are not very good.

So you guys are saying that i shouldnt buy thses 40x ones - any recommendations on which ones to buy that will work at 40x??



Well just buy a few of them and test. Unfortunately the only high speed cdr available at moment in my town are tdk 32x 700mb so i can’t help you more, sorry! They work fine at 32x it’s all i can tell you!


Found a good site in U.K.

Large range and v.helpful tech sup!

& they also have 99min CDR’s!

I got a 10 pack of the Verbatim Super AZO 40x certified media in the slim cd cases. 33% damaged sectors in Nero CD Speed with liteon 40125s VS0K. It’s absolute shite. The Fuji media is tops as far as I’ve tested.

Is it real Fuji? Sometimes they sell Taiyo Yuden (which would explain 100% good sectors)

Is it real Fuji? Sometimes they sell Taiyo Yuden

I was unaware the Fuji ever sold anything other than TY discs.

It’s TY. I thought all Fuji was TY.

Nope, much Fujifilm discs in Europe is made by fujifilm. Also seen fujifilm made by ritek (cyanine discs).

Right, I have a Fujifilm made by Fujifilm from Q4/1997. But this one hasn’t got any bad sectors either.


just got my Lite-On 40x and some Verbatim 40x made in India. My drive had a recent firmware with P-CAV and Mt Rainier so no need to flash it…

SmartBurn would say able to burn at 40x and it was. I burnt 700M in 3:30. Not bad :slight_smile:

Did a File Test and a Surface Scan with Nero CD Speed. The File Test was OK. No Errors. The Surface Scan gave a bit less than 5% damaged and 0.10% unreadable (last sector). I reran the test to be sure and second time it gave 0.10% damaged and 0.10% unreadable (same last sector…).

I do not know what to think about this unreadable sector as I was able to copy my whole CD through Explorer to my hard drive and there was no issue at all…

So I would say that I am very satisfied of my LiteOn/Verbatim 40x combo with a small question mark on this unreadble sector… Anyway I am going to burn more CD and see…