Is Verbatim 6x DVD-RW in US MFG ID# MKM 01RW6X01?

Does the Verbatim 6x DVD-RW available in the US have manufacturer ID# MKM 01RW6X01 ? The DVD-RWs with this Mfg ID# are reportedly excellent but I believe all the reviews I have read have been done on the European version and they may not be the same as the US version. Verbatim numbers the US 6X DVD-RW 95072 and the European version 43525.

I know I could find this out by buying some and checking it, however, this media is only available to me through the mail and with shipping would be quite costly just to test it.

I am going to Europe in a couple of weeks and might be able to pick up some of the European version there.

The only verbatim that have been reported carry that media code for that disk though non of the people reporting are in the US.
With verbatium there is a high chance of getting mcc/mkm as they are the same company. Generally it is when they discontinue making a media that other kinds show up under the verbatim name (ther are exceptions of course driven by market demand vs production capacity I guess).
Sorry I could not give a more definate answer but as no one else has answered I figured I could share what I knew.

Thanks ripit.

I believe so. All Verbatim 6x DVD-RW we received from Verbatim USA for our reviews carries this MID.

Thank You. I will go ahead and buy the US version.