Is using book type on DVD+R going to be same as using DVD-R disk?

i don’t know if using a dvd-r disk is the same as using a book type DVD+R? is it same? and if not, what is the benifit of using dvd-r over dvd+r booktyped?

DVD-R discs were supposed to be more compatible with DVD players when they came out but a DVD+R that is booktyped to DVD-ROM is more compatible if the player can read it. Most players made today don’t care as they will play most anything.

There are other advantages to +R if memory serves, like more tolerence to error and other ones I recall reading about. I would stick to the +R format, with bitsetting.

No, dvd+r booktyped is even better: You can booktype a DVD+R to “look” like a pressed DVD-ROM.
Such a disc will play everywhere.
DVD-R cannot be booktyped, it will always be identified as a DVD-R.