Is Universal BUSlink model RW4848 LiteOn?

Bestbuy has a special - Universal BUSlink 48x12x48 (Model: RW4848) for $69.99-$35MIR = $35. The description states that the unit has SMART-BURN and comes with Nero. My hunch is that it is a rebaged LiteOn. Anyone know for certain? If it is, any known troubles upgrading this?

SMART-Burn is a LiteOn trademark so if it says that then it is a LiteOn for sure.

rock on! Thanks

You might get lucky and find a LTR-48246S (48x24x48x) drive inside like me and my buddies.

Just got back from Best Buy. Took advantage of the store flyer:

Picked up a Buslink RW5252 (52x/24x/52x) for $79.99 - $20 MIR = $59.99. “SmartBurn” on the box, so I assume it’s a Lite-On unit.


Revised: Just opened the box. It is a model LTR-52246S.

I also bought this drive today at same price $79 minus $20 mail in rebate, I have a Buslink 16/10/40 drive from a year ago which cost me $100. Both drives are LiteOns and the new drive feels better built than my old one.
Funny thing is I never got the old drive to write copied cds correctly. Hopefully I will have more success. I have set the two drives up as the new drive master and the old drive slave on the secondary ide channel.
Any ideas on why the last drive never copied games correctly ??

I tried to get this a t BestBuy…I got there at 11:10am Sunday right after they opened my store said they had some…no one could find…now I have to hope they show later this week…crap

I check the Universal BusLink website and it said smartburn so I figured they were Liteons…nice price and BestBuy rebate are generally very good…I got one on Samsung DVD in like 4weeks

Verified. Buslink RW4848 boxed 48x12x48 drive at Bestbuy this week is a Liteon … and in fact, seems they ran out of the 48x12x48 drives and are now shipping with 48x24x48 LTR - 48246S drives inside as I discovered =)

Works well, 650MB burns in 2:30 from start to finish, and WSES works fine.

At least 4 of these still sitting on the overstock shelf at the Westminster, CA bestbuy yesterday night after I got mine.

Thanks for the heads up on this one! Happy camper =)

I got one of the BusLink 48x12x48’s at Best Buy (24.99 after mail in rebates, but ends tonight) last night. It’s a 48246s. I noticed that on the lower right corner of the box, there’s a PC World award for top ten CDRW drives, dated sometime in September. I’ve seen previous Buslink 48x12x48’s without that award on the box, so that MAY be the indication that you’re getting the 48246s.
(I alerted a cow-orker, he picked one up this morning, it had the award on the box and is also a 48246s).

Can anybody else verify or deny this (anyone gotten a 6 series drive in the 48x12x48 package from Buslink without the award on the box, or gotten a non Lite-On 6 series drive with the award on the box)?

BTW, thanks for the firmware archive site, Dyzan. Made it real easy to catch up my own archive.

I can tell you 100% that yes, BUSlink is a Lite-On drive. I have a 48246S ( a 48x24x48) and the box said 48x12x48 or model RW4848 with the top 10 award in the corner. I have been wanting a new writer for some time. I had a HP 2x2x6 (I know it’s VERY old) and was looking for a Lite drive, but I could not find a box that said Lite-On, so I went with something that said it had a firmware upgrade on the box.

Now I am in love!!!:bow: :bow: :bow:

Ok - like my name says - i’m a newbie. Now that we all have lite-on units, is this upgradable? I’m having a blast catching up on burning a few mixes and backing up stuff. But I’m ready to tinker…

Originally posted by Xero
I can tell you 100% that yes, Buslink is a Lite-On drive.
Now I am in love!!!:bow: :bow: :bow:

That’s not necessarily true. Yes, most Buslink drives are Lite-On, but they do use drives from some other companies, there definitely HAVE been some of the Buslink 40x12x48 and 48x12x48 drives that were Aopen, and they advertised upgradeable firmware too. The 40x one I got (and returned) said “JustLink and JustSpeed” instead of “SmartBurn”. But the model number was the same as the Lite-On ones, and so was the UPC. So it’s not absolutely definite that a Buslink will be a Lite-On, but you can usually tell since they list SmartBurn on the package. The problem is that they don’t list a (orignal manufacturer) model number, so you’re generally taking a chance on which Lite-On will be in the box (unless my theory about the award on the box proves correct).

you can usually tell since they list SmartBurn on the package.

If it says SmartBurn, it’s a LiteOn, for sure.

dentman42, thanks for the update. As you can tell by my post count, I an kind of new at this thing. :bigsmile: