Is UDMA enabled or not?

I have Windows XP and Intel Application Accelerator drivers installed. Because of this, I can’t look under Device Manager to see if DMA is enabled for each device.

Here is my setup:
Primary IDE (80-conductor cable):
Master - WD hard drive (UDMA-66)
Slave - Maxtor hard drive (UDMA-100)

Secondary IDE (also 80-conductor cable):
Master - LiteOn DVD-ROM (UDMA-33)
Slave - LiteOn CD-RW (UDMA-33)

So…if I open Intel Application Accelerator (2.2), it says DMA is enabled for every device. If I look at Nero InfoTool (1.01), it says DMA is enabled for the primary master and secondary master, but not the 2 slave devices. Which is correct?

Thanks in advance.

If the Intel App. Acc. says it’s enabled then it’s enabled.

But you can test the CPU usage for every device using NERO driveInfo to see whether that’s true or not.