Is Ty02 -R the best media for a NEC 2510A

I just bought a new system (came with a NEC 2510A). I have about 15 +R MCC 003 Verbatim disks left so I am in the market for media.

I don’t have any way to test these yet (liteon DVD reader on the way) but they burned ok.

What would be the best media option for this drive? I see everyone like’s the TY media and from Rima and Supermedia store and the 8x is cheap.

If I am correct I have read this drive prefers -R media, is this also true?



My 2500; 2510 and 3500 all do extremely well with the TY 8x -R’s and you are so smart to get the oems from and (check shipping rates with both - think that you will find Rima to be lower-and factor that into your overall cost)-

You’re gonna’ LOVE these discs-

Happy Burnin’


Thanks for the reply, that’s what I needed to hear :slight_smile:

On my nec2510 verbatim/mcc dvd-r and dvd+r burn better than TY’s that i’ve tried, it might depend on each individual burner.