Is TY going to make DL media?



Particularly +R DL?


haven’t heard anything


Rumors in Japan are the will produce -R DL. But not a very serious source…


As much as I like TY, and use it exclusively (almost) - dual layer TY media is going to need a 2nd mortgage - seeing that their normal media still costs more than anyone else. Why pay £4.30 for a Verb dual-layer disc, when you could pay £7.20 for TY (best guess).

Joking aside, they probably realise the cost they would offer it at would mean sales would be low - so why bother?


That’s interesting…

Checking prices of +R SL TY media at Rima (here in U.S.) says per-disk price in 100-disk spindles is $.41–i.e. $41 for 100 disks, which I think is very competitive for +R SL media of this high quality. I paid $70 at Amazon for Verbatim +R in 100-disk spindle (tho there was a $30 rebate)… and now the price has dropped on the Verb spindle at Amazon to around $40 (last I checked).

So this is my long-winded way of saying that if TY can be so very competitive on SL media, what is stopping them from being competive (eventually) on DL media?

I agree that it may take a bit of time–and this may very well be due to TY wanting to make sure their DL media is at just as high a quality level as their SL media before releasing. While my Verbs DL play just fine in my settop player, my CD Speed quality scores have ranged from 45 to 95 on those disks. Yes, the quality is likely due to many circumstances, but it could also be due to Verbatim not quite having all the kinks worked out yet. The PIFs do get more frequent on the second layer.


Price at SVP for such DL media

Verbatim Datalife Plus (2.4x) Double Layer DVD+R £3.95 / Euro 5.85
Ridisc Printable Double Layer 2.4x DVD+R in Spindle Tubs of 10 £23.98 / Euro 35.56

TY DL would probably be £6-7 each or more.

Even where cheaper single layer dvdr media is concerned, the cost is often much more than other parts of the world. Where better media is concerned, we can get Fuji x8 TY +R discs for about £0.30 each (tubs), but some companies, such as riverproaudio, charge £0.94 a disc for TY bought in 100 !

Rip off UK.


yeh well you now what a lot of the companies call the uk “treasure island” :a