Is this working properly?



Hi -

I’ve been using CloneDVD & DVD Shrink 3.1.7 with my PX-708A to backup DVDs.

I press the “Eject” button on my PX-708A until I see the LED flash 3 times, and then I load my DVD to be read.

Reading a DSS or non-DSS double-layer DVD takes at least 1/2 hour or more to read with either software package.

Burning a 2x DVD-R takes about 1/2 hour to burn.

Burning a 4x DVD+R takes about 18 minutes to burn.

Are all these numbers correct? I thought the DVD reading should go a lot faster, at least.




The burn times seem accurate, though the read time seems a bit on the slow side.


The read times are correct if you’re also doing transcoding on-the-fly, meaning that the movie is also being compressed. When you do a pure rip session only, with DVD Decrypter for example, the Plextor should be able to read the disc in under 10 minutes tops. The burn times sound about right. Roughly speaking: 2x = 30 minutes, 4x = 15 minutes, 8x = 9 minutes.