Is this wireless pci adaptor any good?

I went trotting off today to get a wireless pci adapter and a new dvd writer today.

I just want to check though - the adapter that the guy recommended and supplied is a TP-Link 54M Wireless G pci adapter - model number: TL-WN350G.

Is this OK?

I’m a bit dubious of what he’s given me cos I originally wanted an Optiarc writer but he didn’t have any and said that Pioneer was much better - thats what all disk manufacturers test their disks on apparently!!

Gets home and checked on here and the bloomin writer is not thought very highly of on here - it’s a DVR-A18L - that’ll be getting returned!!

Anyway, thoughts on the wireless card would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


What kinda store is that guy running a small electronics or a BestBuy size electronics store? Have you looked at other besides the one he told you buy? And how much is it? I would be doubious of any claims he makes about Pioneer as the test drive only…Do you have another larger electronics department store you can go look at a more selection to find first? I would say what are your specs you looking at to do with the wireless pci adapter?? Don’t just go with their what they are trying to sell but make a inform decision ask them what about this other product… I tried looking that on Newegg and could find that exact model so my guess is it’s either out of date or no longer made or not reliable enough for Newegg to sell that product. Also I wouldn’t even buy a G card unless it says b/g/n you want to have the N at least even if you don’t use it yet you have it for future expansion. As for a burner that is based on your preferences and experiences as on here if you saw users’ experience varies by quite a bit…on same hardware and different hardware…if your not sure at least give Newegg a look and read about the product your interested in and what the buyers’ reviews are…and from that you will have to decide is the pros and con of the drive itself. This is assuming your in the US or state side…

It’s an actual computer store - just a little shop but they have a repair warehouse too. Where I am (in Scotland), we really only have him or PC World and I refuse to go there unless absolutely stuck!!

That adapter was the only one he showed me and they make you feel so inadequate about what you’re asking for that you end up just taking what they’re advising you to take.

I’m gonna take both the adapter and the writer back to him and get a refund and order one of the writers that are recommended on here.

Now for the Wireless adapter - what would you recommend? I’ll go and look at that site you were talking about.

I don’t even know if I needed the wireless adapter to be honest - although it’s a wireless router, I have it wired to my desktop and use it wirelessly for my laptop. I just thought since i was opening up the desktop to put in a writer, I’d be as well putting in the wireless card as well.

Yes, I was afraid you be out of the US, Canada. That makes it hard to recommend since I am from the US. I would ask one of the MODs if they know a reputable site in Euro or in the UK and or Scotland there that can help you find a source close to you that will give you more info on where to find a good adapter for your. If you were in the US I would definitely recommend cause that were I get most if not all my hardware from and sometimes reading the reviews give you a sense of what to expect. But even if you out of the US, Canada at least reading it will give you insight into the users experiences with the products. But since you have the desktop wired to the router and aren’t going to move it like your laptop - I would say keep the desktop wired to the router and just use the laptop as it was made for wireless connection to your router. That will save you money for something else. That’s my setup hook desktop to router and when I do find the time to find a laptop I will I get a wireless router and wired my desktop to it and use the wireless for my laptop. You already have the fastest connection with the desktop wired to router no need to change that and as for laptop that will depend on the laptop wifi card and the router you choose but to get the best performance in wifi setup matching up both components in laptop and router will give you the best throughput and connection for wifi if you can match if not then you just have to go with what is closer and available for laptop and wifi router setup.