Is this what I need DVD Decrypter for?

“DVD Decrypter rips the files, and strips the Region barriers out.”

Just FYI, I was trying to back up my X-Men 2 DVD earlier today with DVD Shrink but after ‘scanning’ it would not let me proceed with the ‘encoding’. It mentioned something about ‘copy protection or region protection’ (can’t remember which one).

I fixed this by ripping the DVD to my harddrive using DVD Decrypter. My question is this: Do I have to add this DVD Decrypter ripping step for EVERY movie I want to back up now or was this a fluke occurence? It would add 20 minutes to each back up…

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I researched a few forums already and really could not find an answer as to exactly what and when DVD Decrypter is needed (other than the general posts that it ‘works well with DVD Shrink’).

Well if dvdx-press doesn’t work it probably means that the movie is CSS encoded. What you do in that case is download DeCss and fix the movie, then use dvd shrink to make the file size small (tweak until you got it at about 4.3 GB) then run the file through NeoDVD standard (I like the old version…I think like 4.1) see if you can’t get these programs off the net ( I know that DVD Shrink is free)… with the others good luck.

i’ve only backed up about 10 movies so far but i have had 2 that dvd shrink could not rip. dvd decrypter handled them fine. as far as i can tell, there’s no way to know in advance whether or not shrink will work. so to answer your question, no you will not have to do it for every movie. try shrink first. if it works, great. if not, use decrypter.

Thank you me_dum.

So I guess the question now is, what is the better (faster) method?

Try Shrink first then Decrypter if needed.


Just always use Decrypter to rip to HD first, then Shrink.

I always us DVD Decrypter to rip then DVDskrink to squish. ZERO problems.