Is this Verbatim DVD+R DL MKM 001 AZO or not AZO?


I got this 50 cakebox MKM 001 MiS directly from Verbatim USA after having a bad batch of MKM 001 MIS 20 cakebox i believe prior to 2010. I was just wondering if it is AZO or not [never noticed before today] as the word AZO is nowhere on the package. It is unopened. I am just curious about this…



I researched the product# 96577 on Yahoo and Google and found both AZO on the package and no AZO on some the packages. I tried Verbatim USA site and found nothing. I am thinking that i got suckered!



I don´t know it but I guess the 2,4x MiS are Top-Grade media and there´s only one product, no matter if AZO written on the package or not.

This media would be very hard to get these days and I´m afraid Verbatim continues to sell MBI-Mids and MBI-“Quality” also in the very high priced DL-media


@Tester_1 I guess that you are right. I did not recall Verbatim selling non-AZO blanks years ago unless they were lightscribe discs.



Well, I hope you will have good results with your media :slight_smile:

I don´t have much left, so I don´t dare to write this media @8x, my Pioneer 215 would do this, so Pioneer trust in the quality of this media


It will be a longtime before i get to that 50-spindle.