Is This Unusual?

I have the 4 DVD set of Dead Like Me S1 and started to back them up using DVDShrink.

Analizing, Encoding and Burning went fine on the first disc. I used a DVD+R and it wouldn’t play in my Conia DVD player. So then I tried burning it again this time using a DVD-R and it workd fine in my DVD Player.

When I dl videos using WinMX and burn them to DVD+R using NeroVision Express they play fine in my DVD Player.

Is this unusual?

that’s somewhat unusual. the only reason i can think of why this would happen is that nerovision express sets the booktype of your dvd+rs to “dvd-rom” (assuming your dvd burner is even capable of changing the booktype), while whatever you’re using to burn the dvdshrink discs does not. what dvd burner do you have and what are you using to burn the dvdshrink discs? also, can you verify what the booktypes are for the discs that work and don’t work? if you don’t know how to do this, nero cd/dvd speed can tell you.

LG GSA-4160B Burner
Benq DVD+R and -R.

you still haven’t mentioned the booktypes of the dvd+rs that do/don’t work, although i don’t think your dvd burner supports the changing of booktype anyway, so that might be a moot point.