Is this ugly burning-speed graph normal?



This is my very first burn with BenQ. Hope you don’t mind me having a separate thread from the experts’.

Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x MCC 003 Made in India
0-23942-43481-8 ZD3596-DVR-X47B 5104 522 +R C F 01234

2 Questions:

  1. Is this graph normal? I’ve never seen any like this here in BenQ forum.

The PIE/PIF look fine although I don’t know what the hump is doing there at 0.65GB mark. Never seen any MCC 003 like that either in this forum.

  1. What would cause that drop of reading speed there?

compared to this one, scanned right after the previous one.

I have 2 harddrives on primary IDE channel. PX-712A on secondary master, DW1640 on secondary slave.



No it’s definitly not normal. Looks like your drive is having trouble maintaining it’s write speed or WOPC is messed up. Maybe check to see if the power is properly plugged in and that you are in UDMA 2. Other than that I have no idea as I have never seen a write graph like yours before.:confused:


Another thing you may want to try is defragging your harddrive(s).


And also checking that your power supply is a high enough wattage to support the drive as you have 2x hardrives and 2 x optical burning drives, also try the drive in another computer.


Looks to me like Nero CD/DVD Speed options -> transfer rate -> test length is set to “Speed” instead of “Accurracy”


crossg: I have all default settings. Haven’t changed anything with WOPC yet. I believe it is UDMA 2. I remember it is the same as the PX-712A. But I will check again. I don’t think it is the power supply because I didn’t have problem with burning speed when I had two PX-712A connected (before I replaced one with DW1640). But I will try removing all the harddrives and DVDRW.

Hawseman: I don’t think the defrag will help. Because the same thing happens when let CD-DVD Speed create data disc (not burning an image file from harddisk).

Quakester2000: Actually, I also have another harddrive connected to the on-board Promise controller. My power supply is 400W. So 3 harddrives, 2 DVDRWs. Does that sound good? Anyway, I will try removing them all. Again, I didn’t have burning speed problem when I had two PX-712A drives connected.

Quikee: It’s set to Accuracy.


This is when burning DVD+RW @4x:

This was before DW1640 replaced PX-712A on secondary slave:


Just tried removing everything. Only one harddrive left connected as primary master and DW1640 as secondary master. Creat Data Disc. Same problem. So it’s not the power supply. Maybe the drive is defective.

Oh, one thing, there is a 2-cm crack at the circular-shaped transparent plastic that is on the top of the drive (in the middle - servomotor position perhaps). On Plextor drives this circular-shaped thing is metal instead of plastic. Not sure if the crack has anything to do with it.


This was burned just before removing the Plextor and the harddrives.


Got a new unit and everything works fine now. So it was a defective unit.


I would not bet on a defective unit. In the mean time you have changed a cdspeed setting: options -> standard test -> transfer rate -> High Resolution graph. If you disable the read and write test checkboxes again, the graphs will look as strange as before.


Hi, ala42. I’m not sure what you mean but I never changed any of those settings. The two checkboxes for “High resolution graph” have always been enabled. Also the graph for DVD+RW @4x doesn’t look strange, does it? That was created by the same old unit that created the strange-looking graphs at 8x.


The old graphs look like typical low res graphs. Uncheck the high res options, rescan and you see what I mean.


Just re-scanned. Don’t see any difference. Did you mean re-create a new data disc?

Did you see the DVD+RW @4x graph? Does it look strange or normal?


CDSpeed used low resolution before for your write speed and transfer speed graphs. The minimum width of the peaks is quite large. To see the difference, you need some small peaks, which you get when creating a data disk or reading a very bad disk.
All your graphs are fine and I see nothing wrong with your old drive. Only the write and readspeed graphs look strange in low resolution because only about 50 points are connected in horizontal direction.