Is this TYG03 - Help


Just received a few hundred DVD’s, I ordered from
They are supposed to be TYG03 that were made in japan
The serial on the disc’s is gh000125 the inner plastic ring is stamped 7A6
I’ve attached the NERO and DVD Decrypter’s images of how they IDentified the disc’s as TYG03

I thought all Taiyo Yuden TYG0x had GG in the serial , so I’m kind of scared these are fake.


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AFAIK that is genuine TY. The GG was 8x. With 16x serials start TH for + & GH for - media.

Thanks a bunch. That explains it. Everything I read must have pertained to the 4x or 8x.

Post some scans burned at 12X. let us see what it looks like. You have the burner for it.

Sure, I will do it first thing in the am

Thanks, welcome to the forum.

3 Digit serial hmm value line ?

Burned at 12x. I never go higher than 4x for video and 8x for data so this is a first.

Does that always apply for TY media that a 3 digit serial=value line TY?

No. Usually, the TYG01 and TYG02 are an overstamped serial. My TY T02 and Value Line TYG03 are both this shortened serial.

You might get better scans if you have SB enabled and a few burns in the learning. Also I have always had WOPC on.

You might need a firmware update…

If this was burned on the BenQ then he has the most current version.

WOPR was enabled, Solid-Burn was not enabled for known media so i enabled it using QSuite. will post results shortly

I’m using Nero CD-DVD speed v4.51 and Solid-Burn does not show up under Options-Transfer rate…Any Ideas? I also tried v4.11 and had no luck

You need the new Qsuite from the BenQ site or from the BenQ forum. BTW, I just got a batch of these as well. I don’t think they burn well in any burner. I tried 6-8 different combinations and speeds and the best I got was 10X times worse than TY T02 for PIE and PIF.

I’m just going to hope I never get TYG03 again.

This is weird. My BenQ DW1650 BCFC seems to love TYG03 media, as can be seen here. Knowing that the DW1650 and DW1655 are basically the same drive, it must be the batch. The batch number of the discs I got is GH000125 0108, and the discs don’t have short serials. The serial of the disc scanned is TF523A306074GH (inner plastic ring), for example.

Chas, I’m using qsuite 2.1, can’t seem to find a new one. According to this solidburn should show up in Nero cd.dvd speed

But mine looks like the attached.

You just need to enable Solid Burn for known media in QSuite. Once you enabled it there (you can save the setting permanently), you don’t need to enable it in other applications like Nero CD-DVD Speed - Solid Burn will be used in every burn.

Your QSuite should look like this:

Once you burned a disc with Solid Burn enabled, an entry for TYG03 media should show up in the “Media Information” list (marked red).

@sqadzilla. I believe you need this reg edit to enable Solidburn in CD-DVD Speed. IIRC it was only avalable in one version… If you just enable Solid burn in Qsuite it will stay on as long as it is set.

@chas0039. I have had mixed results with TYG03 but of all my burners the Nec 3520 burned it best in my rig. I know you had a 3520.:wink:

There’s one I didn’t try yet. Which firmware and speed did you use?