Is this TY?


spindle looks funny to me


The picture is of a 4x Maxell DVD+R spindle (for the European market), which by all accounts was YUDEN000T01. However the listing says 8x +R, in which case the discs will be MAXELL002.


Yes, that is a 25-pack of TYG01 (4x -R media) in a Taiyo Yuden spindle also used for 30-disc packs in Japan. But, since you are buying 8x -R media, it will be something else, likely MXL RG03 in a different looking spindle. They are pretty good media, too. (I hope the latest Maxell-branded RITEKG05’s haven’t reached Europe yet.)


i read it as

Maxell DVD-R 25pk Spindle

and the picture


well the package they show suggest there TY

but email them and ask if there all made in japan then u know for sure its ty


so you say i will not revieve what it looks like in the picture?
i may just buy it to see what turns up


what the hell,
i will buy it and see
tis only a tenner delivered


Exactly. The picture is 4x media. None of Maxell 8x -R were made by TY, so unless they are going to send you 4x media, it will have to be a different spindle, like this:


there is a chance they could be Ritek G05`s, they had them at CD-RMedia a while ago with the same picture that you posted and they were G05.

the one`s you want will look like this

eather check them before buying or get the Maxell +R`s they are the same price and they should be TY or Maxell002.


Ouch. We are used to paying $8.99 for the same thing. :cool:


tell me about it :frowning:

i`am pig sick about the difference in prices, i know the us has a lot bigger market than the uk, but japan is big and there media is not cheap.


I see that Maxell has set to destroy their good reputation everywhere. I thought RITEKG05s were only for the U.S. market, in order to compete with the likes of Memorex and Imation. What the hell are they thinking?


stfu :stuck_out_tongue:
i cancelled my order anyway :frowning:
+r’s i can get from apr for 7 quid so thats not an issue
just tryin to find -r’s cheaper than 38p ea


APRmedia has got Maxell 8X-Rs @26p (i think p+p is £6 per order) in 25s & 10`s.


yeah they arent TY though so not much point unfortunatly :sad:
i saw some maxell MIJ in my local PCW but they were sold in packs of 5 @3.99 :eek:


daylight robbery, but i bet they still sell s**t loads of them.


nah dont think so as they were piled up pretty high and they seemed pretty old.
the Verbatim 8x - 50 for 20 quid are expensive but not daylight robbery imho