Is this TRT normal?

I just burned a Verbatim DVD+R (MCC 004) in Nero CD Speed at 12X, and then ran TRT on it. Is the beginning of the graph between 0.0 and 0.25GB normal? I’ve never seen that before. So then I tried the TRT again, and it still started out strange. I’m used to seeing perfectly smooth curves. The DQ looked good though.

Some drives will start reading slowly and then speed up if everything is fine.

If a disc has a TRT like this the first time you read it after loading the disc, then that is to be expected (in some drives).

If you perform a new TRT with the same disc in the same drive without ejecting the disc or performing another read/scan at a slower speed, and the TRT still looks like that, then there’s a reading problem with the disc in that drive.

So it really depends.

The first TRT was after doing the Create Disc test, without ejecting it. Then I tried another TRT, but CD Speed didn’t do anything after spinning up the drive, so I canceled the TRT and opened the tray and closed it again, and then started the TRT again, and it worked with a similar slowdown at the beginning as the first TRT.

I’ll try another test later today. Although I have done several TRTs on this drive before, and I have never seen anything like this. Maybe it is the disc.

Thanks for the reply.