Is this to do with auto insert notification being unchecked?

I just thought I would see if Dvd Decrypter would work in Vista, it works fine but on exit I get the error I will post. I thought it might have to do with auto insert notification, so I checked it & the message pops up telling you it’s a system thing, that you have to restart for the changes to take effect, so I did then went back to Dvd Decrypter & the box was unchecked again, exited & got the error again. Right now it is more of a nuisance than anything else but if there is a solution I would like to know about it.

Try same project with DVDFab HD Decrypter,if it works then it’s most likely a DVDD prob with Vista, besides that remember it’s no longer updated for newer flicks…though some report success with it, I don’t use it that much these days…

It looks like problem solved. Tools / Settings / Registry / Shell Extensions / Uncheck the box marked (Autoplay / Server 2003). I have tried it out, no more error window on exit from program.

Do you have any PCI add-on cards where Vista may have installed drivers that aren’t compatible with them. Although I was getting a different error with ImgBurn a similar thing was happening to me with XP & Auto updates and my PCI SATA card. Not that reads right but I think you’ll understand what I’m saying.

I do have a SATA 300 TX2plus card from Promise Technology, Inc., but as it seems to have been fixed with no ill effects because the program still works with what I want it to, I don’t think I will go messing around.