Is this tiny bit of overburn ok?

I tried the DVD Recode 2(comes with nero 6 and 7)yesterday. After shrinking a 6+ GB movie into a DVD-5. The file size i got is
4.40 GB (4,725,354,496 bytes)
which is a little bit over 4,700,372,992 bytes

Will this be ok to burn to a disc?

Personally I wouldn’t overburn a DVD for this reason. For temporary transport of data maybe, but not for a “shrunk” DVD Video.

Most drives won’t let you overburn a DVD anyway, only Plextor and BenQ drives can do this AFAIK and only on DVD+R media, and small overburns don’t work on BenQ drives.

I suggest you perform the recode again with a smaller target size.

You’re right. I better custom the target size or go back to dvd shrink.
and you sure got lots of burners Mester :bow: :bow: