Is this the right way to burn?

This is how my friend told me to burn DVDs…it works, but I’m just curious if it’s the best way. I have DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink 3.2, and Nero 7 (with Nero Recode).

Any responses would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

  1. Using DVD Decrypter, copy a DVD to your local hard drive. (Like c:\DVD_MOVIE emp)

  2. Then using DVD Shrink, Click Open files and select above directory (c:\DVD_MOVIE emp)
    Click the analyze button to maximize the output of the Shrink
    Click Backup, and Select ISO Image file as the Backup Target, and then enter or browse the file you want to create (like C:\DVD_VIDEO
    Click OK when ready.

  3. When DVD Shrink is finished, Use Nero to save the ISO Image to a DVD+R disc. (Not the selection to make a DVD-Video, rather a selection to burn a previously created iso image)

  4. Browse to where the movie was saved, and delete it so it doesn’t fill up your hard drive.

The thing is, I was under the impression that Nero Recode does what DVD Shrink does…if so, could I somehow save myself a step? Also, it takes about an hour to burn a DVD…is that normal?

DVD Decrypter is no longer updated so you might want to use DVDFabdecrypter it is also free.

Since you have Nero 7 with Recode you could just use it after DVDFabdecrypter and set it to delete the files after completion.

Should still prefer to use DVDDecrypter then I suggest you have a look at RipIt4Me; you can find information on it here at CDF just search for it.

Thanks, I’ll take a look for them. :slight_smile:

Because DvD Shrink and DvD Decrypter are no longer updated you have to use a frontend tool to help them remove copy protections. AnyDvD or RipIt4Me with FixVts.

The way I would do it is to rip to the HD first. Then use Imgburn which is a updated version of DvD Decrypter’s burn engine and burn to disk. I wouldn’t bother with nero at all.

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