Is this the right package to copy DVDs?

Hi, I’m using a package of softwares to copy and bakup my copy protected original DVDs. The package that i use includes
( DVD Region+CSS Free , DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, imgburn)

So I really wanted to make sure is this the perfect package to use or there are some other softwares that perform better.

Note: This package that I use is perfect and reliable. It’s just that I wanted your advice since you are “Super CD Freaks” :slight_smile:

Thank you all…

dude3,get “anydvd” and “clonedvd”.just run anydvd (which will minimize to the tray)and start copy and set to burn to a single layer disk size and walk away.45 min-1 hr later it’s a perfect shrinks,strips copy protection and burns all-in-one.

DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, imgburn)

Pretty much about all I use; oh, & also ripit4me will handle the newer dvds copy protection.

Have fun!

cheers, katzz :slight_smile:

thanks guys. I will try Anydvd and Clone DVD.
(Ripit4me) software is a decrypter or is used just to shrink and copy ?

One more question… In (AnyDVD) , should I just install it and run it (minimize it to the system tray) , or there are some processes to set it up first?

thank you all for your hard work helping other members…