Is this the new 1650 FW?

Correct me if Im wrong, Ive downloaded BCFC cvt. on Hoppy´s homepage, and as I can see, its the newest one, right ??. I tried to view some scans in the correct 1650 topic, but none was shown, so Im a little confused. :confused:
I can se that there are different oppinions about the burning quality on the 1640 towards the 1650, where most people thinks the 1640 is best.
I`m looking forward to test my new 1650 arriving saturday 2006.04.15 towards my old 1640.
IvOl :smiley:


As Chuck44 said, yes it’s the newest one.

I tried to view some scans in the correct 1650 topic, but none was shown, so I`m a little confused. :confused:
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I can se that there are different oppinions about the burning quality on the 1640 towards the 1650, where most people thinks the 1640 is best.
Yes there are many individual opinions in the forum. :wink:

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Hmmm, funny, I couldnt find it on BenQ service, only on Hoppys site.
But thanks for a quick reply.

But which Benq service site did you access?

So far it’s only available at the server in China,

Interesting…Wonder if my drive is from China. Just got one today from Newegg and litterally have not had it installed for more than 10 minutes but it came with BCFC firmware. Guess I don’t have to update yet eh :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

The egg must have just got that batch of 1650s, all the others came with the previous firmware, did you notice the date of manufacture?

Hey alan…Nope, sorry I didn’t. But I can tell you that I just did my first burn and scan with it and it Sucked!!! :a First off it was set for a 16X burn and only got 12X. Then in the qual, it started out fairly well but at the very end it went south or should I say North with PIF’s and failed. :a :a :Z Not a very good first impression for me.:disagree: :confused: :eek:

Hey Sporty: What media are you using. Everybody gets a bad piece once and awhile, even you. Check to see that when it installed it didn’t mess up your DMA settings. I have not heard of anyone else getting that drive with that new firmware, maybe they sent you an RMAd drive that someone messed up the flash with. I am just guessing of course but for you to get that bad of a scan it has to be a good reason.

Hey alan… I’m starting to wonder if your right about a RMA’d one. I’ve been out of town for a few days so I haven’t had any time to really play with it but I did try a Verb MCC004 and it wouldn’t go to 16X. :a Just 12X. Haven’t had a chance to do a qual scan of it yet though. The first disk was un-branded TY02. I don’t think it was the disk but it is possible, just not probable.

Hey alan…I just yanked it out and saw that the mfg. date was March 2006. It also had BCFC labled on it. So I guess you were correct about the new batch. But it is still burning my unbranded TY02’s like $hit!!! Just put the 1620 back in in place of my NEC 3500 so I now have the 50 and the 20 installed. I’m starting to smell RMA. The 1520 has burnt this batch of T02 as one would expect which is excellent. Haven’t been any where near that with the 1650 as shown below. Seems like it wants to crap out at the very end. :confused: :Z Also still can’t get it to burn at 16X. This is with the TY T02 and MCC 004. :a Well I guess they’re still having trouble with the server as I’m unable to upload my files of my burns. Anyone else having this problem or is it me?:confused:

I have a week old 1650. Qsuite tells me that my mcc 004 cannot be burned faster than 12x. Maybe true as I did a 16x burn, (you can find my post earlier), and the last 6% of the disc is terrible. I burned these same discs @ 16x on my liteon 165p and my nec @ 8x (2500a) and they were fine. I did do a 12x burn on my 1650 and that was OK.

I don’t know how to tell what serial number, etc… the Verbatims are. I bought mine at BB and they say MIT. There is nothing stamped on the discs. How can I find out if these are ProDisc, CMC, etc… I also have the issue of it starting and stopping constantly when it reads discs in nero. It’s done a wonderful job on CMC 48x cdr’s. I’m going to try and stick with it through a f/w upgrade or two. Try a 12x burn and see what happens. I don’t know much about qsuite and how it trains itself etc., and whether that would have any impact on things.

So far I’m disappointed with my 1650’s burning quality,
on MCC 003 (possible bad batch - my 1640 has problems
with them too) and MCC 004 which my 1640 with BSLB
burns fine.
I’ve tried the not yet officially released BDFC (according to this post)
and it’s no better.
The only reason I haven’t RMA’d is the hope a new
fw will solve the problems.

what sort of q/s scans were u getting with MCC 004 chuck?

94 to 97 but with anywhere from 700 to 2000
total PIF’s. :frowning:
If I burn them with my 1640 I get similar scores,
but with total PIF’s in the 300 to 700 range.