Is This The End

It has been announced that will no longer accept posts for backup purposes, just like this site. Serials 2K stopped on the 15/10/02. This also means that there will be no downloads on the main pages of both sites.

I guess peeps are scared of the major clamp down on ****** and the consequences that come with it. So that means the internet will never have any more W**** Sites on it. It will end up being a kids thing for their homework and a place too shop for your grocerys. Right now I am thinking of cutting my connection too the web for good. Hell if I want grocerys I will go too the shopping mall!

B.T.W What decent legal SH** is there on the web worth downloading? So we are all going too give in and buy every piece of software that we want? Yes I think the END has allready happened, yet no one realises it. B.T.W someone mentioned about my concern for status. Well my friend with status comes power, I guess you didn’t think of that! Is it not everymans dream too have power?

Have a good Day

Originally posted by intercept
B.T.W What decent legal SH** is there on the web worth downloading?
Have a good Day

Oh , there’s plenty of nice things at sourceforge and Aida 32 is nice too , but i admit , when it comes to gaming , the shareware/freeware stuff can’t compete with the commercial stuff. But that’s why it’s commercial eh ? :slight_smile:

Can’t blame them to try to get rid of the common grounds ( for instance) , but they can’t stop them all. Perhaps this is going more and more underground…

There are a lot of decent free alternatives to commercial software.

If you want the good stuff but you don’t want to pay for it…tough luck… I would like to have twiced the money Gates has…but you don’t see me complaining about not having it (except now).

You have to face up to life’s reality, good things in life will cost you. (wrote a piece on this a while back, free does not really exist, it is a consumer’s illusion)

If you want warez and other stuff, I suggest you take things elsewhere, because I don’t want that kind of stuff on this forum and I am very strict in this matter.

I fully understand what you are saying because it is a very dangerous game too play right and this forum is good

I have 205 original DVD’s some Region 1 the rest Region 2
95% of my music CD’s are original
100% of my PS2 games are original
80% of my PC games are original
Nero I purchased is an original copy

So I have contributed a great sum of money as you can see. Infact well over 2k. So I wouldn’t consider myself a pirate, just an honest man ok, I admitt my vcd’s are copies but look how much I have spent on my original stuff. More than most I would say.

anyway have a good day, and thanks for your reply:D