Is this the end of Divx as we know it? *Updated*

I just posted the article Is this the end of Divx as we know it? Updated.

With it’s release of Windows XP, microsoft turned on it’s driver blocking feature, with NO way of turning it off. This means that all drivers not carrying the WHQL sign will not be able to install on…

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Microsoft is making it only harder on there self with Windows Xp who want to buy a os thats full of ms crap and dont let drivers beeing installed?? Glad i am still running 1 pc on w98se my laptop on WMe. but i think some clever people will hack there way around it :4

What the fuck…!? First all the WPA-crap and now this? They can go fuck themselves with their crappy, bloated and monopolistic OS!!! If they don’t fix this Driver Blocking-shit before the final version, I’m sticking with Win2K! No way can normal people afford to buy all new software just cuz of XP coming out! They have gone too far… :frowning:

This thing has its good points thou, it forces all programs that will be running on Windows XP with better stablity and performance. Like memory leaking, system crashing, incompatible issues. Let’s find out

yawn it’ll be cracked.

Has it good points? I see only one major point, monopolizing the OS market. If MS does not agree with the way the software is written you are blocked from winXP.

Don’t believe it… I am currently running WinXP RC2 release build 2531 just done like 2 days ago and DivX plays fine and encodes fine as well as other “non” whql drivers in my system. It’s hype they can’t prevent you from installing drivers that are non “whql”. Wouldn’t last in this hate Microsoft market if they truly enforced it.

Yeah. What a bunch of bullshit. I don’t believe this article for a second. Somebody speading romurs again. Trying to make news.

its true! 100% true with RC2 2526 AIM & divx both dont work! im not sure about an upgrade from rc1 to rc2 but definitally fresh install of rc2

i was wondering doesnt this mean the END to spyware on WINXP??? if so that one plus

This is complete bull. I still can run DivX and when Installing RC2 I had to install a Win2000-driver (still in beta) for my RAID device and it works. How the hell can developers beta-test a driver if it first has to be WHQLed?

DivX;-) is the coolest thing to ever happen to e-video…I wont be loading that OS just on principle alone.

I have a fresh install of RC2, the Divx codec installs and runs fine.

I heard of this when XP was just in alpha-phase. MS wanted to keep their driver-database ‘pure’ without any annoying drivers from ‘old’ installers, or incompatible drivers… But if my memory serves me right, there was a way to force XP to use these drivers. I mean, think about old hardware, with old drivers (which still work) because the company doesn’t update those drivers for that product anymore? You’d be pretty pissed if that would happen…

No problems here either… :slight_smile:

You people are amazing XP what that F*** is XP is just an OS nothing else no is going to put a gun on your head to change to XP, so keep the the OS you have got now or change to Linux it so much better, Better then do you know you can choose of OS consits of so jus go to So billy willy try again because this is not the end, it just the begining of you lossing ground on the market… Thank you, cameback soon. :slight_smile: :wink:

There is more then one version of XP, personal and professional. You might want to specify what version you claim has the driver protection…

Wonder if its true but i can install all drivers on my fresh install of RC (2526). I installed divx 4.0 beta 3 and nvidia 12.60 detonators which are not whql and everything work fine … so question is: where did u get this info?

No Offence I didn’t call your article crap all I am saying is I have access to the latest daily builds, and they have yet to enforce this in even the most recent builds. So your saying its effective as of RC2 and I am saying from personal experience that it doesn’t so much as even hiccup when installing “non” whql drivers in the latest build. So based on my personal experience I know for a fact that so far they are not blocking non XP drivers.

why don’t we kill gates