Is this the correct process?

Hello everyone,

Just downloaded the trial last night and made my first backup copy. Things appeared to go well but I had a few questions as to if my process is the correct way:

  1. Fired up anydvd, do I need to change any of the settings? Them seem to be okay by default and I right click on them and for the most part they make sense.

I read the tutorial but it seems outdated, do I need to do any tweaking with anydvd or are the defaults fine?

  1. Fire up clonedvd2 and selected the first option to copy just the movie. I was okay in selecting the titles, audio, and subtitles.

  2. I became a bit confused when having to pick between copying files to disc, creating an iso, or burning directly. I couldn’t do that latter because I only had one drive.

Is there any difference between creating the dvd files and creating an iso? Any difference in quality or the like? The tutorial seemed to prefer creating th e iso cause I could test it in daemon tools.

  1. I created the iso and then restarted clonedvd2 and created a disc using the last option. seems to work great!

I guess I’m mainly concerned it I need to do anythign special with anydvd other than start it and if creating an iso is the best way to go.

thanks all!

The default options are recommended. If you start tweaking them you can do more harm than good. Since you’re new to all of this, leave them alone.

Creating the DVD Files means that CloneDVD will generate the normal separate DVD files (consisting of VOB, IFO en BUP files). After CloneDVD is done you can load these files in a software DVD player like PowerDVD. When you let CloneDVD generate an ISO you can load this file into a virtual player like the CloneDVD VirtualDrive or Daemon Tools. The last option to copy files to the drive directly is a two-step process. First CloneDVD will create the DVD files in a temporary folder and then it will burn these files to a DVDR disc. If you only have one drive CloneDVD will ask you to insert a blank DVDR disc in your drive. There is no difference quality wise in the methods above. Quality depends solely on how much compression you’re using.

My personal usage of CloneDVD consists of firing up AnyDVD, inserting the disc into my drive, firing up CloneDVD, choosing Copy DVD. Then I select the titles I wish to keep and the audio and subtitle tracks. I then select to make DVD Files which I play in PowerDVD when CloneDVD is done. I am personally not a fan of virtual drives so creating an ISO file is not an option for me. When the files play alright in PowerDVD I return to CloneDVD and choose Write Existing Data.

I was most confused about the three options describe in step 3 of my process and your detailed explanation helped me a bunch :slight_smile:

much appreciated

I don’t know if you’ve already seen this but over at Elby you can find a manual with detailed info on how CloneDVD works. If you bought the software via SlySoft you most likely didn’t know Elby is the original author of the software :wink:

Remember to set anydvd to your correct default region, in settings.

My two cents.
Only default setting I would change in AnyDVD is in menu tab “CSS Keys”, I keep the"Use CSS Key Archive" box unchecked.
The purpose of that feature is once a DVD disk is read by AnyDVD it saves the information. Should you insert the disk again at another time it will check the archive to see if it has been read before, if it has it will use that information rather than reading it again.
The downside is if there was an error in reading it the first time, dirty disk, etc. it will apply the information from the first read, if it was a bad read from perhaps a dirty disk, you will get it again.

In my opinion it is not a desired feature since the reading of the disk only takes seconds, and you begin with a fresh read every time.

It can take very long on region code mismatch (brute force attack required), or opening and closing tray may be required, or brute force attack may fail.

Olli, interesting, never experienced that with over 350 burns, then again I always burned Region 1 Disks which is my default region in Windows and AnyDVD.

Sure. BTW, don’t disable AnyDVD auto startup as well. AnyDVD running fixes some Windows CD-ROM filesystem bugs (not to mention better DVD playback - region code free, UOP free).