Is This The Best Way To Back-Up A DVD?

New DVDFAB Decrypter + VobBlanker (or FixVTS) + DVD Shrink + ImgBurn guide (all FREE tools)

I saw this in a guide and these seem to be quite a process for doing a back-up. I take it these are all free tools, so what about the people that have money to burn? What set of programs are the best for digital transfer if you wanted the best possible quality product at the end?


PS. I can go for the free tools, but it just seems simpler to pay for a program that eliminates 4 others…

That method has worked for thousands…enjoy :slight_smile:

pay for DVD-Fab Gold or Plat and you will eliminate the need for the other three in most cases. I would still keep Fixvts just in case.

I prefer to use Ripit4me. It is a rock soild program. :slight_smile:

There is no best way. I myself use many different tools to get what I want out of my DVDs. Others prefer a simple rip and then burn.

It just depends on what your interested in. A lot of people do different ways for different things, but there is no problem the way you are doing it and its free.

Cool, I was wondering why, if there was a sure-fire way to come out on top with top quality back-ups, that it would’nt be the preferred method. But then again I live in a box. I’ve got enough tools to be a mechanic. I guess for now I’ll just open up a garage…

Experiment with all those tools and see which one gives you the best results…I’ve used most all of them and usually can’t see a different. BTW, VobBlanker or FixVTS isn’t always a necessary step with the method you listed in the OP.

Yea when I used to use Compendium Guy’s method before I coughed up the money for paid versions I rarely ever had to use FixVTS, but its nice to have just incase.

For the best possible quality instead of using a transcoder (DVD Shrink) do a full re-encode with DVD Rebuilder and the Cinemacraft Encoder (CCE).

If CCE’s too dear then the HC Encoder comes free with DVD Rebuilder, gives broadly comparable results and is also recommended. It’s slower though on single core systems and in my mind the quality isn’t just quite as good but this is just my personal opinion and is open to debate.

The other tools you’ve listed are probably the best anyway.

For the more complicated stuff I’d add PgcEdit to the list which is also free.


I’m just a simple user trying to learn something from this website. I’m using Nero to do a DVD copy. What’s wrong with that ? Why do I need to use all these software to do a copy ? Or did I misunderstood the question ?

The software listed in his post was all free software. Nero Recode isn’t free, but if it works for you, just continue to use it until it doesn’t. :wink:

I’m using Nero Burning Rom to do a DVD copy, not recode. And that’s what I’ve been doing all this while. So when I read this thread that you need all these software, I wonder why. Why can’t I just use Burning Rom to do a copy ?

Recode for free:

Don’t forget to use Menu Shrink on the Menus. Save heaps of MB with no audio and still menus to use the space for the movie

There are two issues here that you are probably not aware of. First, is being able to backup your movies and get around any copy protection scheme that the original DVD might contain.

Second is being able to backup your movies onto the cheaper single-layer disks instead of the more expensive double-layer–while maintaining the best quality reproduction possible. You can improve the quality of single-layer backups by eliminating things like previews, extra features, menues, extra sound tracks - (all of which take up room on the disk that can be used for a better quality copy of the main movie.)

One example is that I was recently able to burn a copy of a movie with 100% reproduction quality by using VobBlanker to edit out what must have been 10 minutes of rolling credits at the end of the movie.

Hope this explaination helps…

ic. Thanks very much for your reply. Very much appreciated. Now I understand what you all are trying to do.

Thanks Wombler, I heard CCE was good to have in the library as well as AVISynth. I had some good reccomendations on my other post of “PAL to NTSC…”. I’m in the middle of experimenting. The thing I missed was that I assumed there had already been a quick and easy push button method since all AVI are the same and all Mpeg’s, all Cue/Bin’s… :disagree:

 I see that is not the case, as they are all *not* the same... That's where I steered awry. Hence the different variables and tweaks that you can optimize for when encoding, re-encoding, transcoding, etc, the different files. This is where I have to exercise *gulp* patience. I just have to find where I left them last... :doh: 

 Anyways, thanks EVERYBODY and toodle oo ;)