Is this the best currently available IDE CD/DVD burner?

It seems choice is quite limited in IDE burners nowadays, but my brother needs one for his aging PC, so I’ve looked around and the best bet seems to be the LG GH22NP20 for £17.

He needs a riplock free and RPC1 drive and I see that Media Code Speed Edit says it supports both of those for this model, although it has an RPC1 tickbox but not a riplock one. Does the Read Speed Increase tickbox achieve that?

The bitsetting tickbox is also greyed out, but the other two are more important, so if that’s the trade off, so be it.

I looked at the Samsung SH-S222x drives, but whilst some of them have RPC1 firmware, none appear to have riplock free ones available.

He does a mixture of CD and DVD burning, probably more DVD though. So is this drive a good choice (at a reasonable price) or should I be looking at something else?


I own a LG GH22LP20 (which is the Lightscribe sibling of your selected drive).
Well. My personal unit has interface compatibility problems for whatever reason. Apart from that, I’d rate its DVD capabilities as average (the 22x Samsungs aren’t better), but I like its performance (especially quality) as CD writer.


I recently purchased a Samsung SH-S222L to put in a external case.
There is a patch utility available & a link to it in a topic here at club.myce .
If you decide to get this drive & need some help using the patch utility I will give you more instructions.
For my drive the options in the patch were:

Cheers guys, I was concerned it might not be possible to patch the SH-222 drives with that utility, but I’ve downloaded the SB03 firmware for the SH-222L (and SB02 for SH-222A) and confirmed riplock and RPC1 show as options, so I’ll tell my brother to get the SH-222A, as it’s a few quid cheaper than the LG and the SH-222L is out-of-stock at the moment.

He does more DVD than CD burning (and the former always seem to be more picky about discs anyway), so it’s probably a better choice than the LG anyway.