Is this TDK any good from Best Buy?

I posted this on the Media forum but it might be more appropriate here:

Just bought a DVR-108, I am new to this and havn’t burned anything yet. According to the Pioneer web site the TDK (ID TTG02 and TTH01) 8 x DVD-R is compatible with this drive. Could anyone tell me if this media from best buy would fit the bill? <>


I use the TTG02 TDK media it works really well, fw 1.18 allows you to burn it @ 12x as well, here is a link to one of my 1st scans using this media, all discs burnt since then look much the same :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, A poster on onther thread said he purchsed that same TDK brand at Costco and it was the RICOHJPNR02. It looks like that would be the media to get.


I also use use RICOHJPNR02 (TDK branded) in my 108 but I mainly use it in my 812S because it preffers +R media, the link above also has a scan of one of these discs burnt @12x on my 108,so I suggest which ever is cheaper. :iagree:

Ahhh, so the -R media at best buy must be (I hope) TTG02 media and not RICOHJPNR02.

Man, all this stuff is confusing!


I mainly use it in my 812S because it preffers +R media

you got that right! i can’t even read -R discs from this model on my 108, with any firmware…

the TTG02 TDKs are pretty good. i haven’t tested them rigourously, but i haven’t had a bad one yet (i burnt a coaster because nero forgot what it was doing in the middle of a 12x burn… i know now not to go that high on this museum-piece of a computer).

Any media from Fuji, Sony, Maxell, and TDK that has Made in Japan on the label around the UPC code is excellent media for the Pioneer DVR-108. The Made in Taiwan stuff runs the spectrum from good to crap.

I 2nd that - these TDK -R TTG02’s work very well on my Pio108 as well.