Is this TDK any good from Best Buy?



Just bought a DVR-108, I am new to this and havn’t burned anything yet. According to the Pioneer web site the TDK (ID TTG02 and TTH01) 8 x DVD-R is compatible with this drive. Could anyone tell me if this media from best buy would fit the bill?



I bought that at costco in Canada and it was RicohJPNR02 and it burned very nicely on my PX-708A.


Thanks, A poster on another thread used that same brand (RICOHJPNR02) and it worked in the DVR-108.



RICOHJPNR02 is DVD+R 8x, while the link in bestbuy is DVD-R 8x, most likely TTG02.


The 8X DVD+R can also be TDK002 or YUDEN000T02.