Is this site legal?

Ok, well i thought it would be good if people could post here websites if they are unsure about wether a site is legal in the tems and conditions.

Im not entirely sure if this site is legal, as it says that it is for personal use, but i am not sure if that is a matter of opinion… any ideas?

Not legal

Removed the link as it was referring to a site where illegal material can be found.

There is a whole discussion on whether Torrent sites are legal or not. The discussion also applies to linking to Torrent sites…as opposed to linking to to the actual torrents directly.

The link originally specified above may contain some legal downloads, but I also saw links to DVD material…and I seriously doubt that is considered legal.

This is a discussion that is not an easy one…what in some countries may (still) be legal, may not be in other countries. On this forum we have our forum rules, so that we can be compliant with most laws, since we are an international site (that is, undoubtedly, watched upon closely by several institutions).

So we (staff) have to use our best judgement in each case. It is nice to have a discussion on sites you have doubts on, but if a link is ruled illegal by a staff member, I prefer to have it removed. If you then don’t agree, please discuss the matter with the staff member who edited/removed your link/post. If it then turns out to be legal after all (we all make mistakes, us staff members too), it can always be reposted, but I don’t like to get in trouble with the law…

ok thanks for that da_taxman, i wont download from that site :smiley:

I was just wondering if programs like Limewire are legal?

They are legal, if you use them in a legal way :wink:

If you download movies that are copyrighted, they are illegal, but if you download a movie that is open source, it isnt.

Same goes for music, if it is copyrighted, it is illegal to download.

Also it depends on your countries laws. You can download as much music and movies as you want off limewire if you live in canada, but live in the uk or us, you can expect a fine.

Ok thats good! :bigsmile: